Monday, May 25, 2009

Tuesday, 5/26/09 - "ABUNDANCE"


"Lose sight of all limitations. Abundance is God's Supply. Turn out all limited thoughts. Receive showers..."
(From "God Calling", A.J. Russell, May 24)

What are the predominant thoughts filling my mind today? Are they thoughts of lack, limitation, negativity OR thoughts of plenty, abundance, and positivity?

There is an 8a.m. meeting everyday at a club near my house and every day they read a piece about attitude. The final sentence is - life is 90% attitude and 10% what happens to you. I need to cultivate my attitude to produce plenty of positive thoughts.

When I arrived battered, broken, bent, and bowed down to my knees in surrender and defeat at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous, my mind was filled with despair. Despite that, there was one small positive thought, that somehow all would be alright and there was a tiny spark of hope. I believe this positive thought was a gift from God.

My mind was involved in furious battle for many of my early years in recovery - a war of positive versus negative thinking and good versus bad labeling. Gradually through constant repetition and practice of the 12 steps and living the AA way of life, my thinking and attitudes shifted from primarily lack and limit to plenty and abundance.

If I find the following kinds of thoughts in my head, I know I need to take action quickly to change my thinking:

I can't ever overcome my past.
I don't have enough.
It will never happen.

I'm stupid.
I'm old.
I'll never change.
This situation will never change.

I am fearful.
It's hopeless.
Life is sad.
Life sucks.

When I have thoughts like the following in my mind, I believe I'm on the right path:

Anything and everything is possible.

Prayer changes things.
I am enough.

I am happy, joyous and free.
I can change.
The situation will change.

God will provide.
God is in charge.
Life is beautiful.

Today life is beautiful. I have many people in my life that I love and I feel loved by others. I even love myself. It doesn't get much better than this.

Prayer Girl


Steve E. said...

"I even love myself.."

I do that also...sometimes. Although it is difficult putting on a shirt, with both my arms hugging myself!

Seriously, how can I expect anyone to love me, if I cannot love myself. Am I not worthy?

Ah! Wonder if low self esteem has something to do with it all?

Just Be Real said...

Love the last line also. Something I need to try and remember. Thank you PG for sharing about abundance and attitude. Blessings.

lizzy said...

I'm pleased that you converted to Catholicism.

Gin said...

When I speak to my husband about his addiction love of self is something that constantly comes up. Right now he does not love himself although I hope one day he can find that love again. Great post. Thank you.

Kay said...

Everyone has a past, everyone has doubts, everyone has fear, everyone needs to be uplifted and reminded, of everything you just said.

Syd said...

Great post. Life is filled with so much. Take it in. Enjoy. Fill your senses. It's about living.