Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday 5/29/09 - "THE BOX - ACTION"



No! Wait! Before she dials, she'll pour a drink. She thinks about how she's been hiding the scars and bruises and drinking takes the pain away.

The drinking worries her. She'll ask Lucy to take her to another meeting.

She dials, it's ringing, and then she hears, "Hello, abuse hotline. Can I help you?"


Prayer Girl
Note: The following was LAST WEEK's
"55 Flash Fiction Friday"


She knows she's ready to call as she picks up the phone.

He threatened if she seeks help he'll file for divorce.

She's thinking about this in a new way.

She felt hope in that room with Lucy and that's a win.

Getting better would be a win.
She feels something new, perhaps it's courage.

Every Friday, compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. if you want to join in the fun and games and give it a your story and report to the boss G-Man!


Syd said...

I like this serial of the Box. A lot of things to think about until next Friday.

Gin said...

I absolutely LOVE these 55's. You say so much in so few words! Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to next Friday's.

Cat said...

PG this hits close to home - On Monday I have a special post planned - if you have time stop by.

Great 55!

Happy birthday to you!

clean and crazy said...

these are just awesome, thanks for continuing this wonderful story, one day you should be published

clean and crazy said...

I love this 55 and Happy Birthday!!

Kay said...

nicely done!

Shadow said...


G-Man said...

Prayer Girl....
You're doin Good Girl!!!
Thanks for another fine contribution.
Thanks for visiting others as well, I appreciate it.
Have a Great Week-End...G

Lou said...

This was tension filled! What will happen...I'll be back.

Robin said...

A belate happy birthday to you!
I hope you had some fun!

Mona said...

its always better to seek help in time...

Just Be Real said...

Woo- good one PG. 55 words to tell a story that is right to the point with deep meaning is awesome! Blessings dear one.