Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, 5/28/09 - "GOOD-BYE MY FRIEND"


Initially my blog for Thursday was going to be:


I sat with that idea for 24 hours and by the time this morning arrived, I ditched that thought.'s blog is about my close to 6 years sober in Alcoholics Anonymous sponsee who is moving very far away next Tuesday. (I mentioned her moving a few weeks ago.)

Last Saturday there was a 'going away' party for her with lots of friends, food, fun, photos, and tears. I had someone take some pictures with my camera with a gift in mind. I didn't take a gift or card to the party as I knew I would be seeing her solo the following Monday.

I found a picture of her and me, arms around each other, smiling in the sunshine of a back yard covered with green bushes and trees all around us. I found a two part frame and placed our picture in one section and a poem I wrote her in the other.

This is the poem:

There'll always be a special place

Tucked gently down inside

Where I can touch and see your face

Your memory close, right by my side

I'll feel the radiance of your smile

Feel the power of your eyes

I will sit with these for just a while -
For moments - then I'll say good-bye

God has laid a piece of you in me
And I in you, I'm sure

And with these gifts we'll always see

Our spirits shared and pure

Never forget just who you are
A gentle, peaceful, God-like soul
Let nothing come inside and mar

God's gift of love that makes you whole

Prayer Girl

May 23, 2009

Life will be different without her. I will miss her dearly. I will try not to cry. I'm not against tears at all, but I've shed so many in my life - I just really don't want to cry this time.

I am giving myself a birthday present tomorrow. I'm going to another 11th step spiritual retreat over the weekend. This time I'm going with my sponsor. I am so excited to be able to spend some quality time with her. I pray God blesses her, me, and the weekend.

Bye for now and God bless.
Prayer Girl


Gin said...

Beautiful post PG. Absolutely beautiful. You will both always have a special attachment and place in your hearts for one another. What a beautiful relationship.

~C~ said...

So lovely, goes to show how much we get from the people we sponsor.
Come visit me at my new blog, Prayer Girl, always appreciate your support!

I hope you will come and "read" me.

All the best,


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow PG this is amazing...absolutely breathtaking and beautiful, what a gift to give her and one that she will cherish..


Cat said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Steve E. said...

Prayer Girl, thank you for sharing that poem...I watched you compose it, you just wrote it out as if you were writing a quick to-do list.

And I will also miss your sponsee, REALLY. She has been a source of inspiration, from when she arrived at AA doors, until she is leaving Naples, a whole person, sober, no matter what--lots of whats!

Apprehensive about moving so, so far away, slightly frightened, she has had YOU for a long time now. Just a split-second in God-time.

I love her, and I love you.


Shadow said...

i love the picture/poem... enjoy your retreat!

dAAve said...

Happy birthday!!

Just Be Real said...

PG what a tribute, a kindered spirit. Soooo much appreciate your heart PG, thank you.

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday Prayer Girl!

Anonymous said...

Well, I cried for you. This post is so beautiful.

Happy Birthday, PG :)

Cat said...

Happy Birthday to you!

LarryG said...

that is an awesome blessing for a friend...
you move me OPG!

Kathy Lynne said...

Birthday Blessings to you...

Just Be Real said...

Hey You!


Syd said...

I am convinced that you are both better for having been in each other's lives. That is a blessing indeed.