Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, 5/14/09 - "MY SPIRITUAL RX"


I have described in past blogs my first personal encounter with a priest. I asked for guidance when I discovered my gift of "healing touch". After a discussion with him that lasted about 45 minutes, he told me something that summarized everything I needed to know to help me deal with things I did not understand.

He gave me what I call "MY SPIRITUAL RX". It helps me see things I don't understand in different ways and it gives me lots of hope in what seem like hopeless situations.

1. It's not about me.

2. God has His purposes.
3. Don't limit God.

I can't count the number of times in my life I have asked the question, "Why?" I have not understood why things turned out as they did or why I made the choices that I made.
Why did this happen? Why did that happen?

Looking back from the vantage point of almost 25 years in Alcoholics Anonymous and 4 1/2 years in Al-Anon, I find the Spiritual Rx given me has helped me better understand my past and the present. More often, it has helped me to not have to understand.

Throughout my life I have had questions like:
Why did my first marriage end in divorce?
Why did my first husband end up an alcoholic?
Why did I end up an alcoholic?
Why did I ditch my Masters' degree program in favor of marriage?
Why did I have to suffer from depression such a large portion of my life?
Why did I suffer post-postpartum depression after the birth of both of my children and never knew it till many, many years later. (and therefore went untreated)
Many other questions.

Today, I have some answers to some of these questions, but more importantly, I find that the answers to most of the questions don't matter. I have come to believe that my life has unfolded exactly as it was supposed to.

I know that God has His purposes in all that happens and it is not necessary I understand them. When I get too involved analyzing, second-guessing, and playing God, I tend to mess things up.

When I just allow God's plans to unfold and I cooperate, God's power and His will are limitless. I can watch life happen and marvel at God's work and feel at peace that He has chosen to use me in some small measure.

I find peace when I realize that:
It's not about me,
God has His purposes.
I don't have to limit God.

I believe this "SPIRITUAL RX" is for all of us.
You too!

Prayer Girl


Gin said...

Three very simple and easy things to remember, but they say it all. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Shadow said...

it's nice to have the answers, but they aren't (or shouldn't be) essential to our happiness...

Steve E. said...

I wish that everyone might read your Rx, Prayer-Girl.

Also I'd wish everyone knew--as I do--your spirituality, your healing works, your community volunteering, your dedication to AA and Alanon, the quiet, unobtrusive way you get things done, the huge amout of help you give to sponsees and others, your love for your children, bloggers, and me.

The world is fortunate to have you working with God, Who is directing your life. That's how I see it, and live with it daily.

I ask all who read this to pray for you. Those who work the hardest for God through their special programs; those who are most spiritual; They are who need our prayers the most.
Peace and Love,

Lou said...

Many of my problems have come from trying to "limit God." Those are simple, yet powerful, prescriptions!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is interesting, I just had a conversation with a friend about how since being in AA I find myself not asking "why" so much, which for me is a miracle and relief. What a great post PG, thank you!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love the Rx....

I remember when I first started the program I listened to a speaker tape and the persons sponsor said, in answer to a great deal of nuttiness about prayer... "All you have to remember is in the morning say "God, whatever and at night say Ok God, enough."

I thought that was profound, I shared it with my sponsor, and the reply I received was... Jessie you just need to say God, What? And know that everything that happens after that is God's will for you and everyone else in your life, and that He will continue to make something bigger and better out of it.

Syd said...

The why, what if, and if only statements are ones that I do my best not to say. It just is what it is. Thanks for writing this today.

Kim A. said...

Reminds me of a Rx I use from my own spiritual path.."Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, therein lies the peace of God"...different words..yet it brings me the same peace you speak of. I'm glad I found your blog.