Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday 3/11/11 - "TUG OF WAR"


It was war. One person was willing to lose much - financial stability, companionship, deep love from another - all for the sake of doing what they wanted to do. The other was just as willing to give up most precious things in their life for the sake of demanding the other not do them. As hard as one dug in with insistence that it go their way, just as hard did the other dig in that it go theirs. The intensity of this battle of wills grew till it reached an impasse that neither was able or willing to break. The tug of war between them was futile, exhausting and certain to produce no victors.

When the time was ripe, in an act of grace, God finally whispered in the spirit of one of them, "Just let go of the rope. The moment you let go of the rope everything will fall, the entire situation will simply collapse, blow away like dust on the wind, disappear. When all finally settles, only My Will shall remain."

In that moment of clarity a feeling of intense relief, peace, and serenity blossomed. There was a knowing that truth had been revealed and all would be well. Deeper insights would be found as it was pondered in the heart. The war had ceased to exist.

God alone has all power and God's Will is perfect. All that's necessary is to let go of pride and ego and allow God full reign.

Prayer Girl