Sunday, May 24, 2009


(Arlington National Cemetery)


May 25th this year is a day of opposites -
solemnity and joy.

This May 25th is "Memorial Day", a day I like to remember those who have died in the defense of our country. I feel privileged and very grateful to have been born in America. I know that I owe much to the men and women who have given their lives for my freedom and the freedom of others. I feel sadness, loss, and great compassion for families who have lost loved ones. I pray for the souls of those who died and for those who mourn them.

May 25th is also a day of celebration for this year Mr. Steveroni's birthday falls on the same day as Memorial Day. Mr. Steve is not one for much celebrating of birthdays, but I am honoring his special day by blogging it. I have also enticed him to accept an invitation for coffee together sometime on "his" day.

God bless the remembrances of Memorial Day and the celebrations of hubby's birthday.

God bless you bloggers too.

Prayer Girl


Lou said...

Congrats to Steve-O-Year-Older! Thanks for alerting us PG, just in case he was not planning on telling.

BTW, are you the one whose shoes he shines? You don't have to answer if it's too personal..LOL

Steve E. said...

Prayer Girl, I was going to make some stupid stab at frivolity, regarding my birthday card accompanied by a picture of a cemetary.

However, the solemnity of the one celebration of memorial, will neither add to nor take away from the celebration of the other, my birthday.

The Memorial Day is of far greater importance, and merits much thoughtful prayer about where this country has been and where it is going. And are we REALLY continuing to honor our dead soldiers? Or have their sacrifices
been for naught?

The only thing wonderful about my birthday is that nearly half of the 76 years have been spent sober.

Findon said...

I hope you both enjoy coffee together. It's good to have a memorial day and let people reflect. We do this in November on our remembrance day. It is always very moving.

Just Be Real said...

You two enjoy Stevie's birthday!!! Blessings!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Isn't it great that in the shadow of such sacrifice such joy can also be found?!

Thanks again for all that you share...your perspective, your life, your love!

Mama Zen said...

Happy Birthday to Steve!

Shadow said...

hope you have a great memorial day weekend, and a happy birthday to your sweet husband. enjoy your coffee together!

Syd said...

I missed Steve's birthday so I'll offer a belated Happy Birthday to him.

Arlington is a special place. Thanks for sharing the photo.