Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesday, 5/19/09 - "COUPLES - THE THEME OF THE DAY"


It's Monday and I was at my hospital pastoral care assistant volunteering gig. I wasn't looking for a theme - it never entered my mind. Yet, at the end of my shift when I was signing out for the day, I saw the chaplain. It came to me as I was saying hello to him that there had been a theme for that day and I told him about it.

Today's theme was "couples".

One of my first visits was to a room in the Progressive Care Unit. The names on my sheet were a female and male name with the same last name. As I entered the room, it was obvious that they were husband and wife. Neither were awake or conscious - I'm not sure which. I said a silent prayer over them. It looked like they had been in an auto accident. That was a haunting image. I continue to pray for them.

Near the end of my day I randomly picked someone to visit who had been in the hospital only one day. This gentleman seemed to be a little confused, but was able to talk with me. He spoke very quietly and very little, but at one point he said his wife was in the hospital too. I quickly scanned all my sheets for the same last name and found her on the same floor, but in the north tower. He was in the south tower. I told him I would try to visit her and asked what message he would like me to give her. He said to ask her to get well quickly. I did find his wife just before I left for the day and did convey his message to her. These were two visits that touched my heart.

On my way home, I realized there was another "couple" visit. I went to see a woman and her husband was there. The three of us talked. She was midway through chemo treatments for lung cancer when she became dehydrated and ended up in the hospital. Her husband explained that even with treatment there was very little hope for recovery for any significant time. The two of them were facing a very tough decision. They have a doctor they both really trust and are going to talk everything over with this doctor. We prayed together and I knew that God was present.

"Couples" - for me this was a beautiful, touching theme - a wonderful gift from God to me. I don't deserve this, but am ever grateful for God's grace in my life.

Prayer Girl


Christina said...

what a powerful posting , thank you for sharing. It shows real life at its rawest. Thank God they have you there at thehospital to help others go through difficult times. You are a blessing.

Just Be Real said...

PG, thank you for sharing you Monday! What a priveldge you have to pray for individuals and couples. The many lives you see daily in your ventures. That photo is neat also. Blessings!

Steve E. said...

I like the photo of two people carrying around on the beach this huge heart -grin!

Seriously, I know how they adore the work you do at the hospital. Ths e several thousand volunteers are what keeo the place in business.

You are well-loved, Anna-girl.

Syd said...

You do so many wonderful things. I admire your caring, compassion, and acceptance.