Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, 5/6/09 - "RESTED"

(Me! Yesterday!)


Even when I'm having fun, I can run totally out of steam. That's what happened yesterday.....not even enough heat to blog. When I run out - it is often mentally as well as physically.

Our weekend had my body and my mind on overdrive. My attention was caught from the first Alcoholics Anonymous speaker, Sister Rose, and Al-Anon speaker, Sister Maurice both from Bronx, NY, and my focus remained intent on the speakers right to the end of the weekend when we heard Sandy Beach from Tampa, Florida - there was practically no wandering of the mind. That is intense.

So, yesterday, I wanted to just stay in bed, but it was volunteer day at the hospital so I was up and out to visit patients. Yesterday's theme was "STRANGE". Normally the sheets I am given with patient names on them have stars next to names of people requesting a pastoral care assistant visit. The request can come from them, a family member, or hospital staff. Yesterday, no stars. The lady in charge was overwhelmed with work and didn't have time to prepare the list that way and handed it to me without those markings.

My first visit was to the ER. Last week I spoke briefly with every single person there. Yesterday, the charge nurse was no where to be found, the other nurses were either not around or told me a patient shouldn't be seen or that they were off somewhere for tests. Bottom line - I didn't see one person there. That felt odd.

I planned to visit patients who had been in the hospital 1, 2, and 3 days - new arrivals. I met two people who I will not soon forget. One was a lovely lady who had surgery the day before and woke up to be told that they had found so much cancer in her colon that they just closed her up. I think she may have been one of the people who had requested a visit and I am so glad I came to her room. Our visit was a blessing - certainly for me and I believe for her as well. She asked questions about Hospice - very aware that she is facing death now. She was not afraid of dying, but had much concern for her son. She told me about herself and I felt moved to share the story of my healing touch with her. She lingers in my mind.

Another lady was in the hospital because her implanted defibrillator had shocked her so hard that she had a seizure and pitched forward onto her face, breaking her jaw. I entered her room to visit her roommate, a new patient, but she wasn't there. This lady said she recognized me from church. We also had a conversation that blessed me and I hope her.

I would normally go work out at the gym after volunteering. I was only there once last week, but I was just too tired to go. Instead I went and picked up our kitty from being boarded over the weekend, went home, slept for two hours, and the rest of the day I looked like the little squirrel above.

Today, I'm off to an Al-Anon meeting and then I swear I'm going back to the gym. Once I get out of that routine, it is very difficult to get back into it again. But today I will - I promise myself.

Prayer Girl


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back PG!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I can feel how those prayers work. I read your words, and feel the exhaustion, but I also feel the Spirit flowing...

It's amazing what God can do with us, even when we feel like we have little to give.

I'm glad you had a good trip, and glad that you are back.

Cat said...

Your talking about visiting patients in the hospital reminded me of my teen years when I volunteered at a hospital and then - wound up working at a nursing home. I really loved going to work then, meeting new and interesting people, holding a hand or reading the paper for them.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Gin said...

What a wonderful service and gift you are giving to these people. Kudos!

Steve E. said...

PG this is one of your 'better' blogs IMO. It shows me what you are doing on a certain day. It shows me your spirituality. It presents your life and your thoughts as they are- a direct result of your Program in Alcoholics Anonymous.

And THAT'S what I/peeps want to hear, how this way of life can be LIVED! Thank you.
Love, Me

Shadow said...

easy easy into the routine...

Syd said...

I'm tired too. It was a long drive home. It takes a while to recover from the change in routine, etc. I'm glad that you were there for the lady with cancer. How hard that must be for all concerned.

Mama Zen said...

You are really, really blessing people with what you do.

Now, get some rest!