Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday, 5/15/09 - "THE BOX - ALL IS CALM"

Calm waters)



The hour has passed. She is confused but hears a gentle voice in her mind whispering, "All is well." An inexplicable calm settles over her.

She turns to Lucy and says, "When will you come again? Will you bring me?

She is returning home to "him", but there is less worry and fear at this moment.

Prayer Girl
Note: The following was LAST WEEK's
"55 Flash Fiction Friday":


She glances at her watch. It's three hours since they talked and now she and Lucy are in a room filled with laughing, smiling people who seem to glow just like Lucy.

What is happening?

She doesn't know, but she feels lighter, freer.

The room then becomes silent. She hears, "God grant me the serenity..."

Every Friday, compose a short story of 55 words -
no more, no less. if you want to join in the
fun and games and give it a your story
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Steve E. said...

Outstanding picture! Really!

Your story, in 55-word parts. I'd hate to read a book like this, 55 words a week.

But it is fun to read the blog.

Just Be Real said...

Love these 55 Friday's! As usual PG, hits the spot. Thanks for another 55-worder! Blessings and thanks so much for all your support!

Shadow said...

calm, light, a sigh of relief...

Dr.John said...

The peace that comes from God's still small voice.
Great 55

Gin said...

These are awesome. I look forward to them every Friday! I can really relate to this one...

Syd said...

I'm glad that she heard and felt some calmness. Great sequel to the previous week.

Lou said...

She is getting tools to deal with "him."