Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, 5/10/09 - "MOTHER'S DAY REFLECTIONS"

Prayer Girl's REFLECTIONS"

If it is Mother's Day, then there are children.

Mothers and children go together.

If you are a mother, you have a child - in one sense or another.

You may be a mother to your own children....your natural children, adopted children, step-children, daughter-in-laws, or son-in-laws.

Some of us are 'like mothers' to children....teachers, nurses, other people working with and for children.

Even grown up, sons and daughters are always a Mother's children.

All of us had mothers.....some still living, some already gone.

My blog is written as a prayer of blessing to all mothers.

I am saying a 'hello' prayer to my mother. "Mom, I miss you and I cherish the memories I have of happy times we shared."

I am sending a special Mother's Day prayer to God asking Him to watch over the two precious gifts He sent me - my son and my daughter.

God bless all mothers everywhere.

God bless you, the reader, and your mother.

For those who have difficulty being a mother and for those with difficulties with their own mothers, I pray God's help and blessings on you.


Prayer Girl


Just Be Real said...

Lovely tribute to mothers. Blessings to you this day PG and thank you so much for who you are..... you are special. Blessings.

Steve E. said...

OK! GOOD! (I wamted to write "good **** but this is not the day for that.)

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful, Prayer Girl!

Lou said...

You reminded me that I take my mother instincts to work, and many other places. I never thought of it that way, thank you very much.

Steve E. said...

You might have entered a photo credit, saying this is you and your brother...long ago! Well, not THAT long....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Prayer Girl! Other than a couple of friends, I've not received a Happy Mother's Day from my ss's and I'm not ashamed to admit that it hurts. I know that I'm not their "Momma" but it sure would be nice after 13+ years of being in their lives to be recognized and maybe even appreciated. Oh well. This isn't about me.

Happy Mother's day to you!!!

Kay said...

What a pleasant tribute to mothers...makes me realize, even though I have no "child" of my own, I manage many "children" at the place I spend most of my time (work), they are my family and they--although more than not are older than I, still need the guidance of me...haha we joke that it is like having children, and I think your post reiterates that.