Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday, 5/22/09 - "THE BOX - HOPE IS COMING"



She knows she's ready to call as she picks up the phone.

He threatened if she seeks help he'll file for divorce.

She's thinking about this in a new way.

She felt hope in that room with Lucy and that's a win.

Getting better would be a win.

She feels something new, perhaps it's courage.

Prayer Girl

Note: The following was LAST WEEK's
"55 Flash Fiction Friday":


The hour has passed. She is confused but hears a gentle voice in her mind whispering, "All is well." An inexplicable calm
settles over her.

She turns to Lucy and says, "When will you come again? Will you bring me?

She is returning home to "him", but there is less worry and fear at this moment.
Friday Flash 55 is a story written in exactly 55 words. Let the G-Man know if you write one and
read the ones of your fellow writers.


Just Be Real said...

Courage a powerful tool and word!! Something to strive for. Thanks PG!

Steve E. said...

Yes, wasn't there something about "courage" in the Wizzard of Oz? -grin!

Ya got a good story goin' here, PG.

Shadow said...

that's it! breaking free from the bonds, nevermind the threat!

Lou said...

Yes, time to dump that guy, and get active in some service work..LOL!

Have a great week end PG!

Gin said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Have a great weekend Prayer Girl!

Cat said...

PG remarkable!

g-man said...

I'm glad I went back to yesterdays post or else I would have missed this little gem..
Excellent 55 My Dear!!!
Thank You for visiting, thank You for playing, and have a Great Week-End...G

Lulda Casadaga said...

My husband is a friend of Bills! Need I say more...:)