Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thursday, 5/7/09 - "INNOCENCE"


Where has your precious presence gone?
Where gone that simple innocence so pure?

It's gone and vanished with the ticking of the clock
Into a far and distant place - another time

Gone and lost - that fit - camaraderie we knew

A sweetest blend of pairing, sharing, caring

That was a very gift from God Himself

Where does it dwell? Where has it gone?

We were like special sister ships

With engines thrumming a perfect tune

Beating rhythmically as one

In the waters of our lives - it's gone

We were like ships set out from home

In perfect sync - with matching beats

Whose engines' ceased - and now we drift

Apart, alone, that loving link - it's lost

The innocence I knew is gone

It's crumbled into dust, blown on the wind

Dispersed and carried on the air

I pray with fervor, God, that it return

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Coy by Jennifer Alder)


Steve E. said...

Innocence? What's that? Oh, it was so long ago. Who do I now trust? I have run out of people. Maybe God will send me one to whom I can bare my soul with impunity--and have a glimpse of that innocence so far away, so far removed.

Good blog.

clean and crazy said...

this sounds so personal, it is very touching to me a bittersweet sonnet if you call it that i really like it

Just Be Real said...

Potent poem PG. Thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings!

Gin said...

Love it. Really feeling that poem right now...

Shadow said...

aaaaaw, this is beautiful!

Syd said...

I understand the loss of innocence. But somehow something close can be found again. There are moments when the little boy within feels very innocent and fresh.

Findon said...

I watched a young man playing cricket recently and marvelled at how innocent he seemed and how he simply enjoyed being there on the field. It was never like that for me. I had no innocence so could not appreciate and enjoy the moments I had.

Mama Zen said...


Colleen said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it. Innocence - that was stolen from me a long time ago. I need to pray for its return too. Blessings.