Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, 5/17/09 - "GRATEFUL SUNDAY"

(Remember - nothing is impossible)


My heart is filled to overflowing with gratitude.

I am grateful that with God nothing is impossible.

Friday night after attending a benefit for a friend with liver cancer, watching the Farrah Fawcett special all about her cancer, anticipating the purchase of a vehicle, I had one of those nights with almost no sleep. I don't do well with little sleep. Since I couldn't sleep, I got up and went to the early 7:00 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with Mr. Steveroni before heading up the road to buy our new RAV4.

I am grateful that when we got home I was able to take a two hour nap that revived me enough to enjoy the rest of yesterday.

I am grateful that I got a good night's sleep last night and feel wonderfully rested this morning.

I am grateful for my friends, sponsees, and all the recovering people God has brought my way - both face-to-face and in the blog world.

I am grateful that today, Sunday, I have awakened to a beautiful sunny morning. Everything outside is green instead of parched brown. Our Florida summer rains have finally begun after a long stretch of very dry conditions.

I am grateful to be going to mass shortly and then to my home group Al-Anon meeting.

I am grateful Mr. Steveroni and I will be going to a birthday party for an AA friend this afternoon where we will see others we know and enjoy good company and good food. We'll be taking our "famous, handed-down-in-the-family recipe", finely- very finely - chopped coleslaw.

I am grateful for the invitation, grateful that people like our company, and grateful that I have progressed enough that I can go and have a good time.

I am grateful for my faithful readers. I am grateful for all those who comment. I am just grateful to have been given the gift of sobriety before my brain became "wet", can still think, and have the ability to write.

I am grateful for my faith and trust in God.....that He will continue to give me the power to stay sober, that He is leading me down a path that allows me to always grow and change, that my life continues to get better and better, and that He gives me the ability to help others.

Prayer Girl


Shadow said...

what a beautiful list. have a beautiful day!

Steve E. said...

All the Peeps ("regular") know I love Gratitude Lists--short OR long!

But that photo of the goat--that's ME up there, folks. It just LOOKS like a mountain goat. I often go, "Baaa-baaaa".

Gin said...

You definitely have a lot to be grateful for today. Enjoy your Sunday.

Just Be Real said...

Gal, you have a lot to be grateful for. It is encouraging to me to see your gratefulness....blessings.

Laura said...

I love this post...I feel like you lately..just an anormous amount of gratefulness has been flooding my life. I'm so grateful!

Beautifully shared.

Syd said...

Lots of good stuff today. Thanks for sharing. There is a lot to be grateful for.