Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday 7/15/09 - "IS YOUR UMBRELLA BIG ENOUGH?"

""We are people who normally would not mix."
(Big Gook of Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 2, p. 17)

A person's age, marital status, color, religion,
profession, socio-economic status, legal status
has never had anything to do with
their ability to help me.


"We stood at the turning point."
(Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 5, p. 59)

When I reached that turning point,
I took my head out of the sand,
oops - out from under my own wing,
ditched my denial and looked squarely at the truth....
I was an alcoholic.
I was powerless over alcohol.
I needed restoration to sanity.
I couldn't restore myself.
No human power could restore me.
I turned my life over to God.
He restored me to sanity!



I remember my first "best friend"
in Alcoholics Anonymous.

She helped me file my income tax after I was divorced.

I had never completed an income tax return in my life.

She hand sewed my wedding gown
as a
wedding gift when I married Mr. Steve.

She returned to drinking and died

as a direct result of her alcoholism.

In my heart she is still my friend -



(This little guy has been caught without a big enough umbrella!)


MY UMBRELLA IS GOD and He Is Big Enough
to protect me in all circumstances.

Prayer Girl


Steve E. said...

Ya know, this is perfect matching of graphics with the different "friendly" topics. It takes work to put out a good blog like this...consistently. And you do that.
Thanks PG

Mike Golch said...

I have the same umbrella as you.

Syd said...

Some cute things and the sad thing about your friend. I'm sorry that she didn't stay sober. That makes me sad. I'm glad that you have good rememberances of her.

Tall Karen said...

I read so much hope in what you have written here. And the animals just illustrate the words so well. I also read faith here. You KNOW He is with you. Replace all your fears with faith. Big Hugs!

Shadow said...

aaaaw, poor little monkey! he needs a hug...

Cat said...

PG I like you believe in friendship for ever... I am sorry for your loss but so grateful that you had that friend there for you when you needed her most.

Happy Hump Day!

Gin said...

PG I am glad you are under my friendship umbrella. Beautiful post.

Lou said...

This was a fantastic post..

vicariousrising said...

When I saw your comment on Lou's blog quoting Dean Koontz's Relentless, I had to click on your profile to find your blog. And then I discovered Stephen King is another favorite author of yours. Me too! I looooooved Relentless - it was the most fun I had reading a book in awhile.

Anyway, it's nice to meet another recovery blogger with my same tastes in twisted reading. ;)


Andrew said...

Oh yes, and I am sustained only by the Love of God.