Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday 7/19/09 - "THINGS I'D RATHER NOT DO"

(up one, down one, up two, down two.....
nuts to exercising to maintain health)


I usually blog positive posts like gratitude lists, answers to prayer, spiritual stuff....

Tonight - "tongue in cheek", here is a list of "THINGS I'D RATHER NOT DO"!

I must amend it a little by stating that the fact that I'm alive to not want to do these things is a miracle in itself. I think that means that I'm glad I'm able to do the things I don't want to do.
Go figure!!!

1. I really would rather not have to exercise. I was faithfully going to the gym for an hour of strenuous exercise 2 to 3 times a week until we went on vacation for two weeks. I have had to force myself back into the routine, but am managing to motivate myself only 1 or 2 times a week, if I'm lucky.

2. I would rather not be in the 90+ (feels like over 100) temperatures with lots of humidity that are the norm for south Florida every summer. Every single summer for as long as I can remember (i.e. since I got sober) someone "always" says, "This is the hottest summer ever." And I always reply, "We say that every summer." I don't like walking in it, riding my scooter in it, doing work in it like gardening, just being in it. It seems to suck the air out of me. - BUT remember, I am still grateful there is still air in me to be sucked out.

3. I would really rather not have to be constantly picking up clutter (which we create here in our house quicker than it can be picked up), dusting, vacuuming, looking at all the things I would like to replace in my house - rugs, furniture, bathroom fixtures, etc. BUT remember, I am still grateful I have a home that holds many fond memories. Painful ones too? Well, of course, but the number of wonderful things that have happened in this house outnumber those that weren't so good.

4. Now this one will really sound petty, but I really don't like going for routine blood work so I must admit I haven't had any done in about 3 years. For one thing, they can't get a vein on me so it's poke, poke, poke. Second, I absolutely despise having to go without coffee till it is completed. (I know - I'm a sissy.)

5. I would really rather not have to go through the process of losing the toenail on my right big toe. I have never lost a nail - ever - and I had hoped to never do so. However, the injury I sustained while on vacation is leading to that very circumstance. I think the idea of it is actually grossing me out more than the reality will end up being. I'm soaking it once a day, keeping it clean, and protecting it with gauze - mostly so I don't have to look at it. (Such a sissy!)

I have had a whirlwind day: Al-Anon meeting this morning, home long enough to turn around and go to an AA meeting. Then off to the grocery store with just enough time at home to go to mass. Back home to fix a dish to take to a potluck we were invited to attend. Mr. Steve and I were then off on our scooters to the very fun-packed party. Can't wait to hit the bed.

Night all,
Prayer Girl


Akannie said...

I'm with you, darlin' !! Especially the NO COFFEE rule before bloodwork...that's just mean! lol
Thanks for a fun post today!! Hope the party was a blast...

Cindy said...

Exercise alone, I can leave it. Thanks to the MP3, I can walk a long way. Also, the Walmart has these insulated bags with like a 1.5 qt. water container in the sports dept....excellent for those hot humid days.
Yah, we're in NE, it can be REAL humis...esp. in July. Of course we have been blessed with the miracle of a low temp of 53 degrees last night breaking a 120 yrs. low...God is good.
I'm a sick individual, I love to clean house...unless I feel like reading blogging all day.
What's up with losing toenails? I lost one for the first time in 51 yrs! I hope it grows back ok.
And, I met with my sponsor for the first time today. I have a sponsor. Ahhhh. Relief!

Tall Karen said...

I'm with you on every one of those (except the toenail). I finally had the blood test done a few weeks ago, and there is relief in knowing everything is GOOD! The thought of doing it was way worse than the actual drawing of the blood. Just do it... soon okay?

vicariousrising said...

It strikes me as funny that someone who loves Dean Koontz and Stephen King can't bear to look at a busted up toenail. I mean, not funny in that I feel badly that you are hurt. But I think you know what I mean.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Kay said...

All relatable...and many more that could be added :)

Just Be Real said...

Ahhh that losing of the toe nail would get me too. I have never broken a bone in my body in all my life, and that is only by the Grace of God as I was so very active in sports.

Great, if you can call them great PG things you would rather not do.

Love the bird picture also.

Blessings and happy Sonday!

Madison said...

Yup. I'm with you on everything on the list. If those are the only things you'd rather not do that you have to do, you are one lucky lady. If I started a list like that, I wouldn't stop for a year.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

I think it may sometimes be quite healthy to review things we don't really like to do . . . as you have done.

Besides, you're doing this with wit, not wallowing.


Andrew said...

Wow, you sure do keep busy!

Love to you and Steve.

Anonymous said...

Oh PG, I totally get the 'going without coffee' thing with blood work. Can't stand that. Ruins my day. Until I can get the coffee that is ;)

Carol said...

I was just mentioning the cleaning thing to my 17 year old. As in, wouldn't it be nice if things never got dirty--I had just noticed toxic stuff on the water strainer-plug thing. He agreed. And so do you. And so it must be true!

Syd said...

Your life is full. Sorry about the toenail. That must have been a very painful hit on your toe.