Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saturday 7/4/09 - "I'M ANSWERING - DAY 4"



On Wednesday I wrote that I would continue on Saturday with what I considered the biggest "I'm Answering" moment I have ever had - the day I got sober following my last drink - but I need to wait till Sunday to write it.

My "I'm Answering" story today happened on Saturday, December 2, 2006. Two incidents occurred on that day that changed my life and the way I look at life in a dramatic way.

The first one happened at an afternoon mass in our local catholic church. I had been attending this church with hubby for a few weeks and had been led to take communion.

This day as we sat through the beginning parts of the mass, I felt an intense urge to hold hubby's arthritic left hand in my hands. I had the idea in my head that his hand would be healed. (I can't say why I had this thought in my mind.) I felt nothing other than this nudging to hold on to him which I did. (I would not realize until a few days later that anything had happened.)

The second incident happened the evening of that same Saturday. I was one of eight girls at a poker party. One of the girls was not feeling well from the beginning of the evening. She said she had back pain. She also had been suffering bad allergies over the past few weeks and had forgotten to bring her inhaler with her. As the evening progressed her breathing became more and more difficult and I could hear her wheezing.

I was continuing to play my poker hands, but as time went by an incredibly strong urge began building inside of me in the form of a thought in my mind to go over (she was seated across the table from me) and put my hands on her back.

I was filled with fear. What if I did this and nothing happened? What would the others think of me? Despite these thoughts, my desire became stronger and stronger and finally so intense that I got up and went over and placed my hands on her back over her lungs.

Almost immediately her breathing became normal, she was shocked, and told me she experienced heat coming from my hands. She kept looking back at me, kept saying she didn't know what was happening and it was amazing and she was very grateful. Her chest loosened up and she was able to breathe again. She said she was close to tears. When I took my hands away she got up and hugged me.

She asked what I was doing (I didn't know) and I just said, "I'm putting my hands on you". Someone else asked if I was doing Reiki and I said, "no". I was laying hands on her. She also asked if my hands were always that hot and I told her I didn't know. I feel nothing. I still don't feel any heat myself even when sometimes people will say they're as hot as an oven.

I was walking on air, lifted up spiritually as though floating, and not really understanding what had just transpired. When I got home I told hubby what had happened. My life had changed in one day.

The following Monday night, hubby revealed something he had kept to himself since Saturday when I held his left hand in church. He told me there was heat engulfing his hand as I held it and the pain left. He waited several days of using his hand, practicing his violin, to be sure the pain did not return. It did not. He told me that up to that day the pain had been constant and had not been gone anytime in his recent memory. Now, it was completely gone.

I am grateful every moment for being willing to say, to God, "I'm Answering".

Peace and love to my wonderful blogging friends,
Prayer Girl


Andrew said...

Oh yes. You are a healer. I know this.

I thank the God in you.

Tall Karen said...

Those are almost You definitely have something there. Have you ever thought about learning to channel it 'at will'? Maybe your higher purpose? Thank you again for sharing your miracles. I love them!

Mary LA said...

A wonderful gift.

Love to you

Mary LA

Cindy said...

Wow, speechless. What a gift.

Carol said...

That is very exciting stuff. I went home from an inservice (at a cancer seminar) on healing touch 17 years ago and tried to lay hands on my restless infant but he wasn't having it!

Mike Golch said...

Great message! Congrats on being 24 years sober.You Rock!

Lou said...

I'll be back tomorrow for the inspiring revelation!

Findon said...

There is no blog today from you so I have to wish you happy birthday on todays, yesterdays blo. Well done a great achievement and you are a wonderful example. I expect Steve is giving you breakfast in bed, with roses etc, so I'll leave you to it. Well done and thank you.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Happy So-birthday to you!!! Happy So-birthday to you!!!!
Happy SO-birthday dear Anna!!!

Haaaaaappppppyyyyy Sooooobbbbbeeerrrrthhhdddayyy

to you!

Grateful to God for your daily reminder that this beautiful program and a relationship with a Loving and Wonderful Creator is really the most Awesome way to live!

Catvibe said...

Prayer Girl, what a beautiful story! I felt you were carrying something special. I came here to say congratulations on your anniversary of sobriety, and also to say, how wonderful it was to meet you. What a storm we had that day! :-)

Ed G. said...

I am grateful to know you...

Blessings on your anniversary and all your days...

Sophie in the Moonlight said...

Congratulations on your sobriety!!!!!! Wow! What an achievement!

I believe that we can heal and soothe others with the physical touch of loving kindness. I discovered that for myself recently. I was giving my husband a back massage last weekend and towards the end (on a whim) I gently pressed my hands on his back and felt for his spirit. I recognized stress and its interference with his ability to be in the Here and Now. Then (also on a whim), I pressed my hands up and down his back with my thumbs reaching and touching over his spine. As I pressed, holding each touch for 10-15 seconds, I willed loving kindness into his body. After each press, I flicked my fingers away from his body to rid my hands of his stress. His breathing slowed and evened out, his body relaxed, and I felt him there with me in the Here and Now, and not in the past/future frets.

As soon as I was done, he told me he had never felt anything like that before. He said he felt a huge release and an inner calmness like none other. He asked what I had done, I told him (a bit sheepishly), and he thanked me & promptly fell asleep. When he woke up in the morning, he said he had never slept so well.

I'm not an aura-watching New Ager, nor have I been trained as a massage therapist. However, it was a powerful moment for both of us, one I hope to repeat. Having experienced the "urge" myself, I must commend you for following it. Those whom you touched experienced your loving kindness and that is the best gift of all; it will stay with their spirits forever.

Again, congratulations on your sobriety!, and congratulations on being so in tune with your fellow humans. The two go hand in hand.

Topspin4854 said...

Happy Birthday Anna!  I've heard so many people in meetings say that July 4th is Birthdays too!  Its a dangerous day!  All I can say is that I'm so grateful your hands have been layed onto my life! Happy Independence Day!  (*That's meant in more ways than one!*)(((((((Anna))))))))