Sunday, July 12, 2009



I'm in search of a spiritual boost, an extra dose of spiritual lift, a movement just a little closer to God. What better way to achieve this than to express gratitude....gratitude for all that God has given me. So, this Sunday night, I am grateful for:

I am grateful for the spiritual boost I can get from just taking a nap. I was thinking about this after reading a section from our Al-Anon reader, "Having Had a Spiritual Awakening" at our Friday 11th step meditation meeting. It read, "...napping...lends an unforseen touch of spiritual experience to my day."

I am grateful when I am able to quiet my mind and slow my pace enough to just lie down, relax and nap. That may mean actually sleeping and sometimes just resting - either way it opens my mind to God.

I am grateful that I have learned how to take care of myself in other ways besides taking a nap if I want to. I have also learned when I need alone time, to give it to myself. I know when I need to express an emotion rather than stuffing it like I used to do. Today my sponsor touched my hand and I cried. Sometimes they are tears of joy and sometimes sadness. I am able to express joy and love. I am just grateful to be able to feel. There was a time when I couldn't.

I am grateful that the last person to speak at my Sunday morning Al-Anon meeting told a joke that I and everyone in the room laughed at with delight.

Question: What kind of insurance do co-dependents buy?

Answer: MY FAULT!

I am grateful to have a sponsor who:
1. knows me
2. has my trust
3. can be the voice of reason when I am lacking it
4. is able to remind me of Al-Anon principles, tools, and program wisdom

I am grateful that when God opened the door to sobriety, I surrendered and stepped through.

I am grateful for the twelve steps that restored me to sanity, to right relations with others, and a right relationship with God.

I am grateful for the people who read my blog and for those who post blogs. So often I read something I need to hear, that makes me laugh, or reinforces my own thoughts.

I am grateful that Mrs. Duck has not abandoned her "setting" duties. She is now standing over the eggs sometimes, sitting on them at other times. I'm wondering if the eggs are beginning to move a little. We'll see. So for those who are wondering - no hatchlings yet. I am checking constantly. I promise to let you know when the ducklings begin to make their appearance.

I am grateful for all the women I was able to speak to today. They are such a blessing to me. They call me to talk, to share problems, to ask for my experience, strength, and hope, or to just "touch bases". I truly believe that I get far more from them than I can ever give. I thank God for them.

I am grateful that I have many people praying. Prayer is so very powerful. I am grateful for my belief in prayer.

I am grateful to be a:
Prayer Girl


Tall Karen said...

Your heart sings so sweetly. It's one of my favorite songs!

Did you write a letter to God? There was one more element to that exercise...God's answer. So powerful. I had a profound spiritual experience this weekend, and I'm still processing.

Thanks for the ducky update gramma!
Still no granddaugher yet, but very very soon! I love you! TK

Steve E. said...

Codependent Insurance: MY FAULT. I love it!

Your blogs lately tell me of the importance of an Alanon program in anybody's life--who lives with an alkie, sober or not. In a household where there lives one active alcoholic, EVERYONE there suffers from the disease of Alcoholism.....

Andrew said...

And you just keep being you.

Much Love to you

Shadow said...

i'm so glad mommy duck's still around. i'm dying to see the ducklings....

Lou said...

I think you might already, but I'm not sure..would you and Steve keep Andrew in your prayers?

I still remember the life changing feeling when I was able to give him over to God.

Gin said...

Perfect post for the start of the week! I spoke about being thankful this morning too! I am trying to set the tone for the rest of my week. :-) So far, so good!

Syd said...

I wish that more in the fellowship would reach out. I don't know why many in Al-Anon keep their problems bottled up and don't get sponsors and work the steps. It is something that I leave to God. I just know that I am so grateful for finding a sponsor and for being where I am today. I would not have been anywhere unless I was willing to reach out.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Baby duckies would be a spiritual boost for me!

But alas...patience...must practice patience!