Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thursday, 7/30/09 - "AN AA LIGHT"


How powerless a pawn in life's full game
From life to death and back - full circle came
But for the grace of God I'd have perished soon
He wrapped twelve steps round - a safe cocoon

Lost and lonely - drunk, confused and weary
Abject, dejected state of mind - so teary
Being just like this did I find my way
Through the AA doors - I came to stay

And there the light poured in upon this soul
God healed the heart and made it whole
He asked but one small gift in turn
To share with others God's care, concern

Prayer Girl


Lou said...

"He asked but one small gift"

He does not ask for so much, but gives everything in return.

Madison said...

If this is the state of mind that motivates people to change, I'm thinking that when we pray for our loved ones and they become more lost, more lonely, more confused and more weary, it just may be God answering prayers. But that one small word, 'lost', is so painful to watch and to live through. I hope you have a blessed day.

Gin said...

Beautiful PG. You could publish a small book with your poems. They are always so beautiful.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

May God continue to be with you and to bless you.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I have no idea how you do this each day, my best guess is that you listen to God and hear the message to send it to us, who read you and adore you...well I for one thank you!


Cindy said...

Nice, am going to share this with my sister.

Syd said...

I like the analogy of the 12 steps being a cocoon. Nice Anna.

sarah said...

Hey Prayer Girl. I appreciate your beautiful comment on my blog and it helps to know others moved from pain to healing on the their journey. It reminds me I'm not alone and others are making it too. I think you're awesome. Keep sharing. Sarah

Tall Karen said...

Powerless pawns...God heals and makes our hearts whole again. Simply brilliant. Thank you for sharing this part of you. Love, TK

Paula said...

How beautiful and what coincidence that all day yesterday my powerlessness over my alcoholic and my first steps into Al Anon were on my mind and I blogged about. Exactly like you did. Except you English is better ;-))))
Hugs across the ocean