Monday, July 27, 2009

Tuesday 7/28/09 - "CRISIS TRIAGE"

(pray on your knees)


Triage: Definition #3. A process in which things are ranked in terms of importance or priority.

Life happens. Crises happen. Sometimes they are spaced close together and other times they occur many years apart. It is a rare life that does not experience some catastrophe.

Disasters come in many shapes, sizes, and types:
  • We may discover that a loved one has betrayed us.
  • We may find out a person we cherish is in trouble with alcohol, drugs, or maybe with the police.
  • There may be frightening medical test results.
  • A natural disaster - tornado, hurricane, flooding may interrupt the normal flow of everyday life.

As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, I have had to learn to live life on life's terms. I have also learned tools for when a crisis occurs.

I realize today that over the years a "Crisis Triage" procedure has developed. When a crisis happened recently, this is what I did automatically, without a lot of thought.

When this event occurred, I was not able to think well at that moment. My emotions, especially fear, began to overwhelm me. This is what I did.


1. Quickly get to a private place, get on my knees, and pray. Ask God to help.

2. Call my sponsor. Talk out what has happened and what I am feeling. Get support and reassurance that I am not alone and that ultimately, all will be well.

3. Write down any important information and what I need to say or do, or any questions I may have to ask.

4. Take action one item at a time.

5. Reach out to trusted others for encouragement and support.

6. Go to meetings as often as possible.

7. Continue praying frequently.

8. Stay in touch with my sponsor.

9. Remember to take care of myself as best I can. Try to rest, eat, and keep moving.

10. Remember my experience, strength, and hope that builds faith and trust in God.

God bless you now and in time of crisis,
Prayer Girl


vicariousrising said...

Good list!

My first on a crisis triage list would be: "breathe"

I tend to forget to do that properly when I get unsettling news or experience something awful.

I think it's a great idea for people to think of a plan of sort on how to deal with situations that make us feel powerless. Maybe if more people thought about your crisis triage idea, there would be less unnecessary drama and snap bad reactions in the world.

Shadow said...

aaah, thank you for that. when crisis hit me, i go blank for a while, and know by now, that all decisions must be left for later when my thoughts have had time to processs...

Robin said...

Thank you, Anna, for a helpful post! You are right we all encounter crises! It's how we deal with it!
I will print your post. It will be a good reminder!

Gin said...

I think you have a great plan for a crisis. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

Just Be Real said...

You have powerful tools there PG when you are experiencing your crisis. Prayer being one of them and the most important. Thank you for sharing these pointers. Blessings dear one.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Good suggestions all!

Syd said...

Thanks so much for these. I know that these are things that I do. Sometimes the overwhelming fear makes it hard to think though. It is almost an inner paralysis that sets in. I will print these and keep them in my daily reader.

Tall Karen said...

I'm here to tell you that this list works under any crisis! A wonderful plan of action. Thank you so much PG!

Andrew said...

And God Bless you Anna.