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Thursday, 7/2/09 - "I'M ANSWERING - DAY 3"



Continuing my stories:

Moving forward in time, this occurred in my mid 30s and probably about the time I crossed over the line into alcoholism and was drinking daily. At that time it was not causing me any problems. God was active in my life (though I didn't know it) even then.

I worked in a nursing home as a co-activities director and social worker. I loved working there and as I look back I know other miracles happened beside the one I'm describing here.

Once a year the State would conduct their annual inspection for State certification. Inspectors would arrive to look at every single piece of documentation, watch and speak to as many staff as possible, check thermometers in refrigerators, and generally set the entire place on edge with stress, nerves, and trepidation. I have worked in many careers that required oversight inspections and it is always the same, weeks spent burning the midnight oil to be sure all is in order before they arrive.

This story concerns the Assistant Director of Nursing (DON), a large and friendly lady and what happened between us in the lunch/break room the day of the inspection. About 4 hours into the inspection, I was in the break room when this nurse came in. We were alone and she was very upset, distraught, visibly nervous, shaken. I asked what was wrong and she told me the inspectors had found problems with the restraint records. Restraint records are extremely important and are documents that must be completed in perfect detail to document anytime a person has to be restrained, hands and/or feet for any reason. As Assistant DON, they were her responsibility. She told me how she feared for her job. The exit interview was scheduled for later that afternoon, she would be there, she was afraid of what they would say and what her bosses would do.

As in my story yesterday concerning the psychiatrist, I have no idea whatsoever where the words that came out of my mouth came from nor did I know why. I began to "tell a story" or "weave a daydream" for her. I painted a verbal picture for this lady. I asked her how she would feel if she was in a room full of people - inspectors, bosses, coworkers, and they were all praising her. I went on and on and she visibly began to relax. She, of course, laughed and said, "No way"! We then both went our separate ways.

Later that afternoon, I heard my name over the pager system and went to a phone. When I answered, this nurse immediately said to me, "What are you? A witch?" I was stunned, said no, and asked why she said that. She said that the exit interview had just been completed and during the discussion, the inspectors singled her out in front of her bosses and coworkers and praised her for her disaster plans which were also her responsibility.

God did that, not me.

On Saturday I will continue with what I consider the biggest "I'm Answering" moment I have ever had - the day I got sober - and then one more in recent years.

Till then - love and peace,

Prayer Girl

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Carol said...

Great story. I can especially relate as we are in 'survey window' now and you described the level of tension from the insider's perspective.

I got a compliment 30 years ago from a surveyor at a hospital on my care plans and I still savor that today. An extra perk, I was a 20 year old 'greenhorn', boy did my unit mgr look at me different after that!

Hope said...

I'm really enjoying these stories PG.
Thank you for sharing them.

Zanejabbers said...

Oh I know those inspections too well. When I worked at the home health company as Directory of Human Resourses (DOHR) we had one when I had been there for only a month. The personnel files were a mess. No order, no separation, just a mess. We were written up for it. I told the owner she would never have that problem again and during my 6 years there we didn't. When they inspect they look at everything, not just the medical records as you well know. It can be a nerve wracking time. I'm glad she shared her glory with you.

Steve E. said...

These stories "I'm Answering" are your best blogs IMO. Guess I like stories built around spiritual principles or AA (which are inseparable!).

Thanks, PG.

Shadow said...

you're giving me goosebumps!

Andrew said...

Thank you. And looking forward to Saturday!

Lou said...

PG, you have been given special powers by God's grace..and one of them is called common sense!

Love this "trilogy" (or any number it takes)

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing this story. It is amazing how these things work. I like the peace that comes from reading your blog.

Gin said...

Can't wait for the next one! These are awesome!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Eager anticipation...that's the feeling this gives me...

"This is awesome, what next God?"

Tall Karen said...

These are so amazing! I think we all have the ability to tap into this power, we just need to develop that inner listen when our heart has something to say. Looking forward to more, more, more!

Cat said...

PG - I am gonna read all of these this weekend - you have been busy while I was away for a few days!

Have an great July 4th!!!

Robin said...

Awesome posts!
I like the stories!