Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday 7/12/09 - "THE HANDS OF GOD"


I have several people in my mind and heart as I write this blog tonight, myself being the first. I am thinking of how I was delivered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, rescued from my alcoholism.

When I think back to all the events leading up to my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, my final surrender after that, and all that happened around the date of my last drink (July 5, 1985), I am in awe of how perfectly it was orchestrated to produce the result that it ability to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Neither I nor any other person could have planned all the happenings in the sequence and timing that they occurred that placed me in every right place at the right time. At the time, I'm sure I didn't understand anything that was going on and actually rebelled at some of it. I was in such pain and confusion. But I have been able to look back over the years I have been sober and see the "Hands of God" in all that transpired. There is no other explanation.

I have heard similar stories of people in hopeless situations finding their way to sobriety through circumstances beyond their understanding. I have listened to people share their experiences in countless numbers of meetings, lived through those moments of new sobriety with sponsees, and shared experiences with friends in the program.

When working with a newcomer, I can draw on this knowledge that it is in the "Hands of God" that I need to place this person. His guidance is essential. I must look to God for the inspiration and directions I need. I draw on the faith and trust I have gained through personal experience as well as witnessing God working in the lives of others.

When we find ourselves at this jumping off point, the last thing we can imagine is how by having a sponsor, working the twelve steps, attending meetings, praying, living just one-day-at-a-time, and turning our lives over to God our lives will be restored. Little do we know that we will come to be able to love ourselves, be of use to ourselves and others, live a fulfilling life brimming over with satisfaction and joy. We will be able to match difficult times with a measure of serenity and peace, and know how to use the tools of the program we have been given. All this and more is something our sponsors know long before we can even contemplate the possibility. In time we come to know it ourselves and can pass it on. What a miracle life we live.

So tonight, I am placing myself and those who are reaching that moment of reckoning when they realize their score cards are zero and they are down for the count, in the loving "Hands of God".

Quote for today:
"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." - Ray Bradbury

Prayer Girl


Andrew said...

Oh yes, and forever are we in the hands of God.

Madison said...

Help for the helpless. Hope for the hopeless. Strength for the weak. A perfectly orchestrated life. With all the signs around us, it's almost more difficult not to believe. Lovely post.

Steve E. said...

Things, events, happen frequently through a given day. So many miracles take place in a life...heck, life IS one big miracle. The sooner I recognize that, the ssoner will I again realize God is everyone.

Thanks! Good post, PG.

Mike Golch said...

Great posting and great message.

Cindy said...

Somehow, your bog inspired hope and peace that my son's sobriety is between him and God. It has nothing to do with me. Also, your quote brought my focus back to myself! I even used it as my FB status.

Akannie said...

Beautiful post from a beautiful girl. Loved the Bradbury quote!!!

It's amazing to be able to lay the burdens in God's hands...prayers for you and yours.

Just Be Real said...

What a precious precious picture!

Amazing how God can line everything, everyone up in each of our individual lives to serve His purpose! Mind blowing!

What better place to be, as you stated, but in God's hands! Amen!

Lou said...

Thanks for this message on Sunday morning. (you're "warming me up" for church;)

Shadow said...

you post today means a lot to me. your timing is eerily perfect.

Gin said...

It is amazing the things that we go through and have no understanding whatsoever. Then, later on, we look back and say," that's why..." That is always such a humbling experience. Hope you are doing okay PG. I am sending you warm wishes and thoughts today.

Mama Zen said...

And, just get out of God's way.

James Oh said...

I love the quote for the day in this post. I even copied and added to my previous post on Nice word to share with.

It is very true and trust we have tipped out from our cups to share out our experience, knowledge, etc with the world where we have benefited from.

Thanks and let us continue to be a contributor.

Tall Karen said...

"Put all your eggs in God's basket and count your blessings before they hatch". My visual has always been a picture of the person I am praying for, in 2 big loving hands in the shape of a cup...kinda like the Allstate hands commercial. I can relate to all you have written.

Speaking of hatching...what about them ducks? Did I miss anything?

Syd said...

I believe that each of us is here for a reason. Some of us stay longer than others on this earth. I know that I have no human explanation for the peace that I feel. Thanks for a great post.