Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friday, 7/10/09 - "THE BOX - ONE YEAR LATER"

"Is she dreaming?"

Friday Flash 55 is a story
written in exactly 55 words.
Let the G-Man know if you write one
and read the ones of your fellow writers.


"Anyone with one year?"

Lucy gently nudges her, she's up front now, hand out, a bronze medallion marked with a Roman Numeral One in it.

She's pinching herself, saying, "Wake up"! Is she dreaming? There are so many changes. She's renting an apartment. Her divorce is proceeding. She's working on Step Twelve.

Life is good.

Prayer Girl

Note: The following was LAST WEEK's
"55 Flash Fiction Friday"


She is remembering her confusion feeling so uncomfortable with his concern over where she was going, who with, and when she would be back. These were signs he loved her? Weren't they?

Why did it feel wrong?

She continues, "he hit me the first time about a year after we were married. I returned late."


Lou said...

I just love a happy ending!

Perhaps she will meet a man who is deserving of her.

G-Man said...

If you say that real fast, it sounds like "Anyone with One Ear"?

Excellent 55 PG..!

Keep em coming...

Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Wonderful Week-End.

Steve E. said...

Back in the box, are we? Good 55, looking for more time?

Tall Karen said...

This stuff chokes me up. I used to say that...pinch me and make sure I'm not dreaming. Life is good! Very touching 55. Happy Friday to you!

Gin said...

Yay! It's Friday which means the saga continues! I love this series. Great 55 PG!

Just Be Real said...

Up to step 12 and everything is in progress. Well put PG..... until next Friday.


Steve E. said...

More! More! Did I already post? Anyway, great 55, Sweetie!

Shadow said...

a life on track. you gave me a smile with your 55.

Cat said...

Life is good!

Lovely writing in only 55 - what talent you have!

Mona said...

yay! for Lucy!

Carol said...

Things are looking up!!

Syd said...

Great. I am glad that she's doing well. What a great thing to have one year and a life going in a good direction, ODAT.