Monday, July 6, 2009

Tuesday, 7/7/09 - "FIRST CHAT EVER!"


I begin this blog with a gigantic THANK YOU to Kristin H. for inviting bloggers to and hosting a chat Sunday night. Another large THANK YOU to Alix, at TSR (the second road) for moderating this chat. Register at TSR to join.
It's so easy even I could do it. :)

This was a terrific first chat ever and I was surprised at how much enjoyment, information, and camaraderie I found there.

This TSR chat is presently held on Sundays as announced from 8:00 to 9:00 pm. I was acting on pure inspiration as I had no intention at all to ever join any chat. However, at 7:45 p.m. when hubby, Mr. Steveroni, mentioned he would be occupied in the chat room, the next thing I knew I was going to the TSR site, signing up to be a member, and logging on ....totally unplanned...totally spontaneous. IMHO - A God nudge.

There were about 7 participants including our gracious host and the moderator. Some of my observations:

1. It was fast, fast, fast-paced.

2. It honed my brain cells - requring me to read, think, and type responses, statements or questions almost simultaneously.

3. The hour breezed by.

4. Everyone was supportive, encouraging, respecful, and at times serious - at other times playful.

5. I will chat again.

For me, this is pushing the envelope again. It was wonderful and my Higher Power never steers me wrong.

Prayer Girl


Anonymous said...

(standing up clapping)

"Yay PG!"

I was so happy to have you there. Please don't be a stranger :)

And what a great way to acknowledge your birthday!

Steve E. said...

I was there also, and PG ya beat me to it, blogging about our experience. I'll sure be back next time--thoroughly enjoyed it!

Gin said...

I enjoyed it immensely! I will be there next time too. It was great and of course you were as sweet as ever and your husband as funny as ever.

Shadow said...

i'd so like to join you guys. one day... the time difference makes it really really hard.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Chat's really are fun, I do a noon meeting when I am not able to get away from work long enough to drive to my regular noon meeting.

Very cool!

g-man said...

Another Chatterbox!!


Syd said...

It is fun to do that. I am usually out on Sundays but hope to make another one sometime. Glad that you joined in.

Lou said...

Don't turn into a "chatterbox"

(ha,ha..I really amuse myself;)

Cat said...

Maybe I will give this a try - Sundays are so hard for me.

Tall Karen said...

I just missed the chat...but it was still posted so I got to read watching a rerun kinda. It did look like fun.

My good intentions did cause me to sign-up at tsr, and will try again next time to show up on time!

Carol said...

I'll try to make it too. I had fireworks and socializing this past Sunday.