Monday, March 23, 2009



IMHO - - -
We are perfect innocence at birth. God fashions this perfection because He is perfect. Time moves, life happens, and pieces of our perfect self begin to break. Imperfect families, social pressures, physical defects, many different factors break us.

I was broken from a very young age. I will probably never be able to identify the exact words, events, interactions, looks that caused things to disintegrate. I was unaware that I was cracking. I stumbled around trying to act like a whole person, a perfect picture, but I never felt whole.

The older I got, the more shattered I became. The more pieces missing from my soul, the less I could maintain a healthy inner or outer self.

God has always wanted me back together again the way He created me. In my case, becoming an alcoholic held the seeds of the greatest blessing possible - an opportunity to allow God to put the puzzle back together again. God gave me the 12 steps through Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. One step at a time, one puzzle piece at a time, I have been able to piece myself together again and become a whole human being.

Most of my character defects and those of others are a result of this inside damage. Will I ever be the perfectly innocent creation I was at birth? I don't know, but I do believe that in eternity my Creator will complete the work that He and I have begun.

I pray for everyone on this journey to wholeness - those who haven't recognized the need to journey, those starting out, and those in all various stages of completion.

All is whole
And life pervades
This picture perfect

Piece by piece
Unity ceases
Confusion releases

Lying there broken
Shattered in bits...
To God submit

Piece by piece
Image unites
All is right

Prayer Girl


steveroni said...

NICE graphic! Really.

I think your "life story"--these words: shattered, disintegrate, cracking, break, defects, missing puzzle pieces, etc., are graphics also.

But your short poetic wordings say it best for me. Another story of treading toward the depths of despair, then finding hope in a program sent by God, then recovering therein.
Love ya, PG.
Steve E.

clean and crazy said...

what a beautiful post, you know it is ok to not be perfect, if we were perfect, we would not be human.
we do become whole though, through the steps and living life to it's fullest everyday because that is all we have is today, this is our gift from God, that is why it is called "the present".

Shadow said...

even if not whole, just no so broken... beautiful words of encouragement

Findon said...

I've never looked at my life like this, but you are so right. Of course I'm bigger now and have had other bits of another puzzle added so I need to get rid of the non me bits and reshape back to the original the bits that have grown distorted. I guess thats, what the programme does. Thanks for the post, very, very thought provoking.

Just Be Real said...

Prayer girl, a beautiful post. Appreciate it, thank you.

Syd said...

I don't think that I'll ever have that innocence that I once had. But I still have that little boy inside--that inner child--who still likes to have fun and believes in goodness. Maybe that's not so bad either.

in time out said...

Prayer's me Hope, Mile. Just coming by. You have written such a nice thing here. It is amazing to read your post and think that somehow I inspired a part of it. I am honored, and so thankful that you are part of my healing process. Thank you for your support, in so many ways. I do love and feel so appreciative of you and your writing. Thank you for sharing about your being broken, I guess we all have things to learn and overcome. I thank you for being on my journey with me. hugs.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Conscientia said...

very nice and warm words