Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday, 3/23/09 - "I AM ALONE"



I am alone

Amidst a wide expanse

Of flame and frenzy bright

I tower far above
A meadow bursting forth

In wild, profuse delight

I am alone
Yet know a voice

Of petals bending in the breeze
I reach to hear
Yet only catch the wind

I listen past my ears

And I hear the vastness

Of the thousand petals

Stretching out beyond my sight

A feather bed in which to lie

Cascade around my head

A velvet, silk-soft coverlet

And I am not alone

Nor alien in their midst

They offer forth their honey scent

Show off their coverings bright
Bend gently to my softest touch
And whisper we are one
Prayer Girl

Of all the poems that I have written, this one is my favorite. It lifts me up, encourages me, fills me with comfort, and connects me with something bigger than myself. I need that.

(Photo credit: Wildflowers 101 by RevMac)


steveroni said...

Ya know, PG...during mass this morning I had some strong thoughts, so similar to your poetic offering this morning--we'll talk about it later, gets pretty, not whatcha think!!!

Shadow said...

alone, yet not alone. i can see why this is a favourite.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I feel God here!

mile191 said...


thank you.

i have been struggling through the night. i am reading you friends and finding strength in pieces of your words.

thank you so much.

may i quote you???
i will link to you.

if it is okay, thanks, if not, thanks for writing what i needed to read. I feel God's love in my journey this morning, my journey to peace and healing...

Gabriella Moonlight said...

If I could, I would love to print this off with your permission to place in my office for that same feeling of uplifted ness! Thank you PG...
you're amazing!

Cat said...

Beautifully done PG. It could easily be listed up there as one of my favorite that you have dones as well.

Syd said...

Wonderful poem. I need to remember that I may be lonely but I'm never alone.

Just Be Real said...

Inspiring and beautiful. Thank you from sharing from your heart. Blessings.

Zanejabbers said...

It is a great poem, I can easily see why it is your fav. Thanks for sharing it.
I'm alone alot, but there is such a difference in being alone, and being lonely.