Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, 3/18/09 - "SEEING PAIN"


Yesterday was a day unlike any I have experienced in a while. I witnessed so many people in soul-deep pain and confusion. On my own, I felt totally inadequate to help. Thank God, I don't carry the message alone. God is always with me.

One girl lost a son to addiction within the year and is experiencing pain that a mother who has not lost a child can only guess at how it feels. It's painful just thinking about that happening and I can only imagine the horror of living with the reality. This child of God finally surrendered the secret that she was drinking again and doesn't want to live that way anymore. Thank God. This is a beginning.

Another woman has just started attending Al-Anon and is in that place of utter torment and no understanding of what is wrong or how to lessen it. She is desperate for a shred of hope that something can help her. Like many of us before finding recovery, she has been trying to understand and fix herself for 30 years - with no success.

My phone rang all day. Recovering people I work with regularly were calling as well as those who call infrequently. They were all having some sort of crisis. Wow! The planets must be aligned in some weird way.

I had to remember to take care of myself and laid down for a while shutting 'everything' out. I needed to regroup. I called on my God to refresh my mind and spirit.

Here is what I hope for all those in deep conflict, doubt, fear, and hopelessness:

Once more my Higher Power hear

Once more I call on you dear God

Place deep inside the spark of hope
That one day makes us fully whole

In one who's lost a cherished child
Another taken back the drink

This one lost in her own pain

That one struggling alone again

Breathe your breath oh God

Upon that tiny hopeful spark

Transform into a roaring flame

That victory may be won - be claimed

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: You chelina)


Shadow said...

such a heartfelt poem... hugs!

Akannie said...

HIya, PG...

I'm experiencing the same stuff--Must be the planets...

Beautiful poem from a beautiful heart...I'm so happy that you are at the end of that hand of AA reaching out...


Cat said...

PG you are so well grounded - you do the right thing and I admire you for your strength.

Anonymous said...


Zanejabbers said...

Oh Yeah, it's got to be the planets. Glad you can be3 there for others.

LdyRoxx said...

Mrs -Aroni (hehe) wonderful words. I've read back and your hubby is right, you're wonderful!