Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday, 3/17/09 - "BLUE - CODE BLUE - THINGS NEW"

(Weird picture? Weird day!)


Yesterday was GREEN - Today is BLUE - And many things NEW happened today.
  • BLUE is my favorite color. My eyes change color and sometimes they are blue.
  • Some NEW things happened today on the volunteer job. I was finished for the day and preparing to return to the area where I sign in and out when I heard "CODE BLUE" in Angioplasty announced several times over the hospital-wide intercom. Several minutes later my pager went off. I was sent ASAP to the Angioplasty area where someone's heart had stopped. Luckily, by the time I arrived, they had successfully brought the patient, a lady, back. The room was overflowing with people - doctors, nurses, many others. I saw a gentleman in the hallway and asked him if he was related. It was the lady's husband. He was pretty 'shook up', but all is well that know how it goes.
  • Another 'first' today was an emergency page to ICU. Someone was dying and it was happening quickly. I had only minutes to get there. As I entered the area, the nurse ushered me to the room where three men were around the bed of a lady who was probably wife and mother to the three. She was close to being gone as I entered and they asked if I could give her last rites. (LORD HELP ME!) I had zero time to compute what to say or do so I said I couldn't do that, but I could pray which I did. Later, back in the office, the Chaplain was there and said in a circumstance like that I could refer to the "Emergency Minister" pamphlet I have. (Lots still for me to learn.) Still having some of that perfectionism inside me, I was less than pleased with my performance in this situation. But as I thought more about it, I realized I had placed my whole day in God's hands before I even arrived at the hospital, I did the best I could all day, and I know God was in that ICU room. I allow my mind to rest in the knowledge that whatever I managed to pray came from God and was a comfort for those men who obviously loved this lady greatly. GOD HELP ME! I FELT SO INADEQUATE!
  • I worked 8:30 - 12:30. I was invited to attend a graduation ceremony for 5 people at 10 am. They were graduating from a 22 week intensive 'Pastoral Care Course'. All graduates were either functioning as or planning to be ministers or chaplains. One graduate had a motorcycle ministry, out-reaching to bikers.
  • I'm not feeling 'blue' - I'm feeling good about the day. What a day it was!
  • Bodies of water are blue. Water is a symbol of spirituality. Ergo, in my opinion, blue is a spiritual color.
God bless you bloggers,
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: By race_30)


steveroni said...

You got the same picture as'd that happen? Good photo, no matter. Hey that hospital stuff is "good shit" for you, and for the patients and their families.

Live and learn. Good you have two programs (AA and Alanon) to help you learn all the new stuff each time you volunteer there.

Cat said...

Have a good Tuesday PG!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Whenever anyone or anything disturbs us we accept... God.

You were of service to those in need and you participated with Love.

I admire that and hope to do so as well... every day.

Lou said...

What you are doing at the hospital is a God given blessing. No one can measure if you did it "right". Just being there, that is more than enough for most folks.

Zanejabbers said...

Your eyes must be hazel like mine. They go from brown, to green to blue. What a blessed day you had to be of service to those in need of such service. God puts us where we need to be. Bless you.