Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday, 3/8/09 - HAPPY THOUGHTS!


Happy thoughts are worth repeating. I have always been like this - when I have had a particularly memorable and enjoyable experience, I will think to myself later something like this - a week ago at this time I was doing such and such or three days ago at this time, I was involved in this or that activity. It fills my heart with happiness - AGAIN!

So....yesterday, I was thinking about how a week ago I was in Tampa visiting my daughter, having dinner out with her and her boyfriend, finishing a knitted pillow to complete my bridal shower gift for my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law, and sleeping so soundly in her guest bed.

Today around 2:00 pm I was thinking that a week ago at this time I was enjoying the bridal shower. It was such a wonderful weekend. I usually try not to spend time in the past, but this type of quick memory trip to last week is a 'good thing' - refreshing and uplifting.

Back to today and it was wonderful too. Maybe sometime next week I'll be revisiting this happy day. Hubby and I took our cycle ride out to Ave Maria where we had coffee and lunch on the 'square' - in the center of which is the oratory. We ate and sipped coffee in a small little place called The Bean. For me it was my favorite vanilla latte and we both had their Italian Wedding soup and turkey bacon club sandwich. Yum! There was no mass being held in the oratory today so we just went in to be in the silence and the holiness of the place and to pray.

Later in the afternoon, we went to mass at our church. It gave me an opportunity to pray for "D", one of our fellow alcoholics who died of this disease last night. What a reminder of the power of the disease. And what a reminder to me to continue to work on my spiritual condition by persistently practicing the principles and steps of the program learned over the years I have been sober.

I look forward to my home group Al-Anon meeting tomorrow. Maybe my sponsor will be there. I feel a sense of peace just thinking about the meeting and her.

Tonight I pray for all those who are suffering the battle with alcohol and have not found surrender yet. I pray for all those who have found recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous that they may continue to live the steps, carry the message, pray, and deepen their relationship with their Higher Power.

God bless you bloggers,
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Ten Toes by Shannon Miller)


steveroni said...

Well, you KNOW I can use some "happy thoughts" today...and why not tomorrow also? I know--One Day At A Time!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Dear Prayer Girl you are absolutely the best...your blogs always make me think and I always feel a better person for having read you...thank you for your love and life it shows in your writing and sharing....thank you!

Hope said...

There are days that are a joy to remember. I'm glad you've had a lot of them lately.
Thank you for the prayers.
God bless you and Mr. Steveroni!

Syd said...

I'm sorry for those that suffer and won't surrender. I'm sorry that life isn't filled with the promises that are there for the taking.