Sunday, March 29, 2009


(The sun's warmth glows my skin and warms my heart!)


Life is good.

The sun's warmth glows my skin and warms my heart.

All those I come in contact with are children of God.

Prayers are powerful and answered.

Life is a glorious gift.

The breeze blows any negativity away from me.

I stay in the day, in the moment, in the will of God.

Life is beautiful.

Love fills the Earth.

The power of love ultimately prevails over evil.

I have the freedom of choice.

Life is sweet.

I choose to believe and have faith in my Higher Power, God.

I say hello to loved ones gone before me to "the other side" and they hear.

The gentle rains caress and freshen my skin.

Life is vibrant.

My poems and paintings are expressions of my conception of God.

God bless all those I love - my family, friends, sponsees, sponsor, and the blogging community,

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: By Sharayah_07)


steveroni said...

Hope I'm first again! Affirmations..
Hmmmmm. Bet that's like Declarations.

For a long time I did not know what "afirmations" meant. I still do not. But they sure sound GOOD to me. And if they work, what greater good can be said of them?

I know...I know. A dictionary! Yeah! Right. Love your blog. Love you!

Syd said...

Great list of affirmations. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I felt affirmed in many ways.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Thank you for the beautiful and meaningful affirmations on this Monday...they are great as I slog through my work day...they are quite meaningful!

clean and crazy said...

i especially love the one about saying hello to loved ones passed. Thanks for this beautiful post.