Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday, 3/19/09 - "HAPPINESS IS: A SIMPLE DAY"

(Happy, happy, happy!!!)


Today was a simple day full of wonderful moments. It started with an early morning rising to attend the 7 a.m. meeting with Mr. Hubby-aroni. It was my privilege and a delight to be able to walk to the center of the meeting room, meet Hubby there, present him with his 35 year sober in Alcoholics Anonymous medallion, and give him a hug and a kiss. This was a highlight of my day.

Several phone calls today with sponsees found most of them feeling a little better after yesterday's crisis-laden day. Thank you God.

I got some household tasks done today - some of them things I loathe doing. I mopped the kitchen and hall floors - yuk - but I felt so good to have gotten it done - a nice sense of accomplishment.

The skies were cloudy, but I rode my cycle to the gym anyway and luckily - no rain. I had a very intense workout and left feeling great. The ride home was invigorating with a cool breeze blowing across my face and body. Such a feeling of freedom - loved it!

I'm not used to getting up at 5:30 a.m. so a two hour nap was in my cards and it felt totally wonderful.

It was a very simple day, satisfying and happy . I felt the presence of my Higher Power with me the entire time. What a blessing.

Bless you bloggers,

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Snow in South Bend by Amy Hart Baker)


steveroni said...

Honey, you mopped the kitchen and hallway floors! Did you pick those tomatoes I had growing there in the floor cracks before mopping.

Thanks for this morning!

Shadow said...

lovely post, so content, happy and peaceful

Cat said...

PG you sound good today - after the last post this was so good to read. Give hubaroni a hug for me on his success - You two sound perfect for one another!

(hugs to you)


Lou said...

I heard you made quite a spectacle (sp)of yourself this morning, grabbing Spouse-O-Roni and kissing him ON the lips. Woohoo, I'm seldom up for such passion at 7:00 am;)

Just Be Real said...

A simple day. Ahhhhh, beautiful. Thanks.