Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monday, 3/16/09 - "GREEN"


  • Green is not a favorite color of mine, but I finally found a green Gap pullover to wear for St. Patrick's Day. I never celebrated this day growing up. My mother was anti-Catholic and therefore the celebration of St. Pat's was never followed and the idea of wearing Irish green was never considered. Today I'm Catholic and wearing green :)
  • My birth month is May so my birthstone is Emerald - love that green gem.
  • My daughter's favorite color is green. She has green eyes.
  • Here's a secret about me. I still struggle with the character defect of being 'green' with envy sometimes.
  • The most favorite poem I've written is about a 'vast expanse of flame and frenzy bright' - gorgeous flowers in a meadow of lush green grass.
  • I miss the Spring and the Fall of my childhood - beautiful green trees and grass in the Spring and the parts of leaves still peeking green as they change color in the Fall.
  • My task Saturday morning was to find a green tie for Mr. Steveroni to wear as he played violin at Mass this weekend. I found just the one that had different shades of green in a diamond pattern. He liked it, I liked it, and hopefully it will serve for many St. Patrick's Days to come.
  • From re: the color green - Green is a symbol for life - it signifies growth, renewal, health. It is abundant in nature.
  • From re: the color green - "Green is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room."
  • I love the picture above of the green-eyed beauty with the beautiful green-laced leaf.
Love you all,
Prayer Girl

(Photo Credit: Shades of Autumn by Alison Greenwood)


steveroni said...

Ya know, I'm really beginning to like--enjoy--blogs now and then, which are about literally...well, about nothing!

Reminiscent of Seinfeld???

Anonymous said...

Great post PG!

Hope said...

Green is also the symbolic colour of hope, which is why blog is green. I like green.

mile191 said...

this is so wonderful. i too love green, and one of my son's has green eyes. i just love being with him...thanks for sharing. i miss you. always good for me when I stop by. hugs.

Shadow said...

interesting green stuff. i like green, i've always associated it with nature (duh???) and growth and life.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I feel serentity having read about Green this morning :)

Thank you!!! (((HUGS)))

steveroni said...

Sounds like "Green is IN". Green is the last name of that fellow (Bruce) who 12-Stepped me one month before I came into AA. I did not know him.

33 years later, he did not know me (Alzheimer's) but thought I was a "new guy". So he stayed after the meeting to get me a Big Book, etc.

There is a street here named after Bruce Green (Green Blvd)....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow, now I really love the color green, your post is inspirational in its devotion and understanding of green! Thank you!!!!

mile191 said...

i like this side of you. so nice. i just posted and wrote something for Thankful Thursday, and I thought of you...because of the Green...and your lovely post here. I know I have already been by...but here I am again. Have a happy day...mile 191

Cat said...

Great post and Photo to begin a great new week!

Syd said...

Green is growth to me. New growth. It's a great color. Thanks for this post.

Lou said...

Steve, I don't understand the green thing either, but if PG is doing it, it must be profound.

Or maybe she just wanted to slip birthday and emeralds into the same post.