Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday, 3/7/09 - "A GRATEFUL SMILE"


Friday night:
A grateful smile is on my face tonight. Today has been a beautiful day full of wonderful moments orchestrated by God.

I am grateful for an early morning change in plans that allowed me to leisurely enjoy my morning.

I'm grateful for another change in plans that took me to a noon AA meeting instead of the noon Al-Anon meeting I usually attend. At this AA meeting I sat next to a woman I see rarely, sometimes only once a year. We were able to catch up.

I'm grateful that Chapter 3, "More About Alcoholism", from our Big Book, "Alcoholics Anonymous", was read and discussed at that Big Book meeting.

I am grateful to have been reminded of the many parts of that chapter I so completely identify with such as the description of many female alcoholics who when they begin drinking alcoholically are often gone beyond recall in just a few years. (I was gone in about four.) Also, the story of the jay-walker that I could relate to and understand from the first time I read it.

I am grateful to have been motivated to go to the gym and was able to put in a strenuous hour of exercise.

I am grateful that I was able to make a vanilla latte at home. My son had shown me how to use my machine at Christmas, but this was the first time I tried it on my own. It will take a little more work, but it wasn't bad for a first try.

I am grateful that I am calm, at peace, and feeling satisfied today.

I am grateful that I still have time right now (10:15 p.m.) to do my readings and writing that I had decided I would do daily during Lent.

I am grateful that I sleep well and look forward to a restful sleep tonight.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to speak with many of my sponsees today. Each is a blessing beyond all measure.

I am grateful that I have an outing with hubby planned for tomorrow. We're "riding" (his Bergman and my Morpheus) out to Ave Maria where we'll have a bite to eat and go to mass in the beautiful oratory right in the center of town.

I am grateful that I am a sober member of AA and a member of Al-Anon.

I am grateful that with God's help I had enough honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to become a winner in life - finding and sticking with AA - and then discovering Al-Anon and becoming what is termed "a double winner".

I am grateful that I have been able to write a blog the last few days.

I am grateful that they are read. God bless you readers.

I am grateful that my children are all safe and happy.

I am grateful that the weather is still absolutely perfect here. They call where I live 'Paradise' and today it surely is just that.

I am grateful for a proper outlook on life today and that I am not in a panic over the state of the financial world.

I am grateful that I believe in the power of prayer.

I am grateful for you bloggers.

Prayer Girl


Shadow said...

mmm, vanilla latte you say? i'll accept all practice runs...

Findon said...

The phot made me smile as soon as it appeared. I kept on smiling as I read down your blog. Thats a good blog in my book. Thank you.

Lou said...

By now you are probably grateful for the beautiful Saturday you had with the husband! It's a great outing for sure.

clean and crazy said...

I am grateful to have stopped by to read your blog today, thanks for the gratitude

Colleen said...

Great list!! Thanks.

Syd said...

Great stuff to be grateful for. I'm grateful that you write your blog.