Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday 6/27/09 - "THE GOOD FEELINGS"


Peace and joy!



"The Good Feelings"
"Let yourself feel the good feelings too.
Yes, sometimes good feelings can be as distracting as the painful, more difficult ones. Yes, good feelings can be anxiety producing to those of us unaccustomed to them. But go ahead and feel the good feelings anyway.

Feel and accept the joy. The love. The warmth. The excitement. The pleasure.The satisfaction. The elation. The tenderness. The comfort.

Let yourself feel the victory, the delight.

Let yourself feel cared for.
Let yourself feel respected, important, and special.

These are only feelings, but they feel good. They are full of positive, upbeat energy - and we deserve to feel that when it comes our way.

We don't have to repress. We don't have to talk ourselves out of feeling good - not for a moment.
If we feel it, it's ours for the moment. Own it. If it's good, enjoy it.
Today, God, help me be open to the joy and good feelings available to me.

(From:"The Language of Letting Go" by Melody Beattie,
June 21, pp. 171-172)

I did not arrive at the door of Alcoholics Anonymous with a bundle of positive feelings. In fact, I was Ms. Negativity - depression, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, listlessness, whipped, and beaten. It has been so many years since then that if I didn't go to meetings regularly and work with others I might not be able to remember how truly horrible I felt.

That was many years ago and I have spent all the intervening years working the 12 steps, living the 12 steps and the principles of the program, passing it on to others, and continuing to grow along spiritual lines.

Today I value myself and I value you - all of you - those who are still lost and hurting, those who have found recovery, and those who have never experienced these terrible lows of life - everyone. The God in me recognizes the God in you.

Today I believe we all deserve to feel love, joy, peace, serenity, and all the other feelings mentioned in the reading I chose. I am so grateful there is a program that will allow our lives to change and make it possible to feel the joy of living.

God bless you,
Prayer Girl


Cindy said...

It's easier for me to feel the good feelings when I'm in the present. Today, I will go one thing at a time and focus on that one thing. Amazingly, that's a skill I need to commit to and practice! Thanks for this post.

Mike Golch said...

Great posting and great pictures.I am so glad that i follow bring joy to me.

Tall Karen said...

The 2 books I have learned the most 'life lessons' from are the Big Book and The Language of Letting Go. No more guilt for feeling good! Your pictures depict these feelings so perfectly!

Steve E. said...

PG, this is one of the best blogs I've read all week. I'd say "the best", but there are just so many terrific writers on here. And you are for sure one of those.

And the pictures! great. I only wish the bloggers did not know you are my wife (my fault!) because I'd write the same either way, but you know that, they do not. Bless you, "keep up the good work", KUTGW!