Monday, June 15, 2009

Tuesday 6/16/09 - "SILENCE"

"S I L E N C E"

Today I read Colleen's blog, Thoughts on Grace. It began with these words:

"I am called to silence. I do not get enough of it."

These words struck a chord with me. I think this is why I love the Shrine we are visiting so much. It gives plenty of opportunity for "Silence".

So....I contemplated that word:

S - Spirit, Soul, Special, Sight, Spirited, Spiritual, Spirituality

I - Intimate, Internal, Inspirational, Insight, Intelligence

L - Love, Longing, Laughter, Light-hearted, Lilting, Language

E - Eternal, Ethereal, Earth, Early, Effervescent (high-spirited)

N - Nascent (new birth), New, Natural, Nature, Nativity

C - Charisma, Charity, Christ, Clarity, Calm, Cosmos

E - Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, Elevated, Elation

These are only a few of the thoughts that came to me 'about silence' or what comes to mind 'in the silence'. I'm sure you will more.

Prayer Girl


Tall Karen said...

That was beautiful! I think silence is what Bill W. had in mind with the 11th Step meditation. To be quiet long enough to hear the voice of our souls...not always an easy task!

Steve E. said...


(whispered)...and Peace.

Lou said...

I used to fear silence. That time alone with me and the I know I need some every day to listen to what God's has planned for me.

Just Be Real said...

I read that too from Colleen's blog! Great that you can pick up on it and share something from your heart here! Blessings dear one!

Shadow said...

nice associations there. silence can be a blessing...

Syd said...

I always wondered why the old adage "silence is golden" struck me. But it is...I much prefer silence to continued talk just to be talking.

Cat said...

Ah silence - having teens I understand the preciousness of it ...

Colleen said...

Thanks for visiting me and for the link. I loved your post! Blessings!

Carol said...

That's lovely. Actually, I have a very silent teenager, how ethereal of him.