Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday 6/9/09 - "THE MIRACLE OF NEW LIFE"

(OMG - a nursery right outside my front door!)

(Papa standing guard over mama!)

(These arrived one-a-day!)


For some reason I feel that what is happening on my front porch is a big deal.

I am a city girl, not a country girl so the fact that my front porch has turned into a nursery or hatching station is just really exciting and "weird" to me. (Remember whenever I say "weird", it always means God is involved somehow.) There must be some lesson or message in what's happening.

This is a first and I feel like I am participating in some voyeuristic way in "THE MIRACLE OF NEW LIFE" - albeit duck life - in fact - ugly Muscovy duck life, but new life none the less.

We are leaving on a nearly two week vacation tomorrow morning so I may miss the main event whatever that will be. I guess, ducklings.

Hubby says he discovered ducks trying to find a nesting place in our garage too. The garage door will need to remain shut or we'll have a second nursery happening.

I went online to find out about Muscovy duck eggs and discovered there are businesses selling duck eggs. Who would have thought? Maybe God wants us to go into the duck egg business...... :)

We are both taking our laptops so I will blog when I'm able. God bless all you bloggers.

Prayer Girl


Zanejabbers said...

Y'all will be just all "quacked up"
Enjoy your trip.

clean and crazy said...

awe, maybe god told them you would be giving them some space to have their babies and so they just knew it would be safe there. have a great vacation.

Shadow said...

how sweet!!! i'd love to have a duck. but so would my pointer, heeee heee heeee. happy holidays to you!!!!!

Gin said...

Have a wonderful trip! It will be exciting to see if you have little ducklings waiting for you when you get home!

Syd said...

Hope that you have a good trip. I hope those eggs will be okay and there will be baby ducks when you get back. I agree that Muscovy's aren't the prettiest of geese.

Kathy Lynne said...

I think its a big deal too! enjoy..xo

Steve E. said...

I also believe this a big deal. And thank God the Muscovy's do not think they are ugly.

They no doubt think WE are kinda un-pretty.

Song: "To Each His Own"
Weary Me--

After Blong day of napping, writing, and little else.

Just Be Real said...

I think this is sooo cool. I love birds to begin with. It looks like the duck was just coming out of your house, being the door was open. God has provided them a new loving home! Thanks PG for sharing! Love it!

Have a blessed and safe trip dear one!

Steve E. said...

...I'll have some DUCK EGGS for breakfast, please...downy-side up!

mile191 said...

this is amazing. so sweet. i can't wait to hear more about it. how fun. hugs to you and THANKS for the love and support....


Carol said...

I tried to raise ducks a couple times but varments (sp?) got them. My sister had Muscoveys, they're nice. You're lucky, city girl!