Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday 6/11/09 - "THE BOX - STEPS 1 & 2"

Friday Flash 55 is a story

written in exactly 55 words.

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"THE BOX - STEPS 1 & 2"

This voice she hears sounds so caring, loving, inviting, and at the same time, strong. It reminds her of Lucy.

She'll be able to speak. Hesitantly she replies, "I'm Darlene".

In the speaking of just those two words she realizes she will be able to ask for help and she believes things will change.


Prayer Girl
Note: The following was LAST WEEK's

"55 Flash Fiction Friday":




She can hear the ticking of the clock hanging above her writing table. Oh, God, what now? What if the woman on the other end hangs up? Maybe she should hang up.

"Help me. He hits me. I'm afraid. I drink. I'm worthless. What should I do? Please help me."

"What's your first name?"


G-Man said...

Somehow they will...I'm sure!
Thanks for your always classy story PG.
Thanks for being so very supportive as well...You Rock!!
Thanks for visiting, and have a Great Week-End...G

Steve E. said...

Yes, that voice which we hear, sooner or later...a voice of caring, loving, a confident voice which said to me, "You can do this...with help."

In reality, it is the voice of God using a human to transmit His promise of Hope, Help and Power.

Truly, I love this story, and the sequel format bring some exciting anticipation to the Flash 55.
Peace. Love.
Steve E

Cat said...

PG strong and realistic 55!

Just Be Real said...

Ahhh.... a positve outlook for Darlene....***waits in anticipation for next Friday's adventure***

Lou said...

She is starting the steps? Wow, can't wait for her journey of self discovery.

Gin said...

Awesome! Love it!

Dr.John said...

Great , inspiring 55. She has stepped over the line that kept her isolated and at his mercy.

Hootin' Anni said...


Mine's posted.

Mona said...

The hardest part is the beginning..once you are there, things follow...

Fandango said...

Dragons are much quicker to ask for help then you humans but we understand.
Our 55 is ready to be read.

Syd said...

I think that Darlene will get to a meeting, find the help that she needs, get 13th stepped by a handsome dude, think about relapsing but will find a strong sponsor, work the steps, do service work and love her life.

jadey said...

Hoping and praying for her that things get better. This is a great 55. I hope you have a great weekend my 55 is up

Mama Zen said...


Zanejabbers said...

I'm glad you're keeping up while on the road.

clean and crazy said...

this story is amazing i love how it is turning out. great job