Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, 6/24/09 - "THIS IS WHAT I AM ABOUT TODAY"

This first picture is an update at noon on Thursday 6/25
Daddy says, "Move over mama, I'm coming in."

(Today's picture offering - 9 duck eggs - all covered up)


I got this idea for my blog from Syd who got it from Mama PJ. The plan is to just list without analyzing things to death what comes to mind as I think about who I am. So....that's just what I'll do.

Today, I'm about:

1. Being a productive member of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon and sharing my experience, strength, and hope with others in and outside of the meeting rooms.

2. Being a very visual person and loving the beauty of meadows, mountains, all bodies of water, flowers, animals, people, landscapes, vibrant colors, etc. etc.

3. Discovering and living out God's will for me in all areas of my life.

4. Being in the best possible health.

5. Being in tune closely enough with myself to know what I need to take care of myself and then doing it.

6. Being as real, genuine, and honest as I can be.

7. Following the process of creation happening at my front door as a mama duck lays, sets, and eventually hatches ducklings.

8. Being the best channel for God to use that I can be. Loving my sponsees and allowing God to help them through me.

9. Living a life of prayer.

10. Trusting God for financial health and stability.

11. Enjoying my espresso passion.

12. Cherishing and fostering the friendships I have.

13. Being willing and open to God using my healing touch.

14. Being grateful for all the past, present, and future events, circumstances, and relationships of my life.

15. Setting boundaries that are clear, good for me, and cause no harm.

16. Finding avenues to express the love of life and of others that God has placed in my soul.

17. Being in ever growing conscious contact with God.

18. Having the best quality relationships possible with my husband and children.

19. Being able to touch others through what I write and say using my God-given sensitivity.

20. Meeting other bloggers face-to-face.

21. Smiling and laughing more.

Prayer Girl


Just Be Real said...

Sounds good to me. Especially when you do not need to analyze any of it! :)

Carol said...

I don't trust myself as list maker, too much ego arises, it wants to make a story up about me. But good for anyone who feels benefit from the process.

Steve E. said...

Prayer Girl...I happen to know that these ARE you--"Just Being Real" and you did not analyze, like I might have done, as I screwed it up!

Mike Golch said...

great posting.

Zanejabbers said...

Mmmmmm. Now that painting should be on exhibit.

Gin said...

Great list PG! I love number 11! Mine would be enjoying my ice cream passion, (although I am lactose-intolerant and it KILLS my stomach)!

Shadow said...

what a beautiful happy list. today i'm about staying warm... it's freeeeeezing. i'm gonna migrate next year for sure!

Syd said...

I really like what you are about Anna. And being real, genuine and honest along with all the other things about you that are listed, make me know who you are. Thanks for that.

Topspin4854 said...

Is that all?

Just kidding of course! That's an awesome list. I must say that "8" is my favorite............ :)

Tall Karen said...

This would be more like my wish list. I try to be a better person, but it takes me such a long time to 'get it'...I don't think I could write this much about me with analyzing it to pieces.

I'm way better today than I used to be, so there's always hope! Very inspiring list.