Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday, 6/30/09 - "I'M ANSWERING!"


This morning I read Joanne's blog, Blessed.
It was titled

"Aren't you going to answer that?"
and began with the line,
"God's on the Phone and He's Asking For You."

This blog literally yelled at me to respond. And I replied, "I'M ANSWERING". I felt an immediate identification with what she was talking about when she spoke of the nudging of God. Here was the comment I made on her blog:

I could completely relate to this blog. I have so many God nudging me stories - sometimes He's not just nudging, He's just about pushing me over.

I have blogged a few of these in the past, but can't find them in my blog history. I loved your blog so much I may be motivated to combine some of my God stories in a single blog and post them.

(When I was in my 20s, I had no idea where these things came from....UFOs? Spirits of the dead? Some weird ESP or psychic phenomenon?) I didn't know, but I knew the events were beyond special, defied the logical universe, and I held onto them all my life.

Now I know.
Here are some of my God-nudging and sometimes God-pushing stories. There are a lot of them and I have decided they will need to be written over several blogs.

A lot of God-stuff happened when I was in my 20s and I did not understand where it came from for a long time. Among them were poems that seemed to just "come to me". Each one became a special treasure in my heart, filling me with what I can only term a transcendent feeling. I shared a few of them sparingly with only selected, trusted friends over the years. It has only been in the last 4 years that I became willing to take them out of my desk drawer and share them freely. I have blogged most of them as well as ones I have written more recently. Here is one I wrote a long time ago:


I am alone
Amidst a wide expanse
Of flame and frenzy bright
I tower far above
A meadow bursting forth
In wild, profuse delight

I am alone
Yet know a voice
Of petals bending in the breeze
I reach to hear
Yet only catch the wind
I listen past my ears

And I hear the vastness
Of the thousand petals
Stretching out beyond my sight
A feather bed in which to lie
Cascade around my head
A velvet, silk-soft coverlet

And I am not alone
Nor alien in their midst
They offer forth their honey scent,
Show off their coverings bright,
Bend gently to my softest touch,
And whisper we are one

This next one was written around Easter of this year:


Here now stands a broken man - a shell
With countless years strewn wide behind
Of broken vows, banished hopes - he fell
Searching, seeking promise of a better place
- For just another drop his soul he'd sell

Ears ring - he hears an angel's bell
But too much to see, too much to bear
He languishes locked inside his self-made Hell
Yet deep inside that man's thin husk
Dwells the God of all who can make him well

God's eyes weep, His heart breaks
He'd give His life for this man's sake

And He did!

There are many stories and some I have forgotten, but I will start with one that also happened when I was in my 20s. This experience was life-changing and it's power has never left my mind.

I will begin it tomorrow.

Thank you for reading dear fellow bloggers,
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Fresh Start by Joy Cobb)


Steve E. said...

Good blog. Thanks.

I'm waiting for some of those 'stories' of yesteryear, since I have heard some already: profound, spiritual, mysterious.

Tall Karen said...

I have had things happen in my life, especially since I have been sober, that are so beyond explanation of the human logic, that I have absolutely no doubt that God reveals Himself to us.

How could a drunk like me with 3 years of sobriety write a book that would save millions of lives? We don't have to look too hard to see the miracles. Thank you for sharing your precious miracles.

Shadow said...

'i am alone' resonates with a deep understanding of knowing you are not alone...

Gin said...

I've read your Broken Man poem before. In fact I copied and pasted it into a Word doc and I have it saved on my computer. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read and reminds me so much of my husband. The first time I read it I couldn't stop crying. You have a gift.

Madison said...

Can't wait to read more.

Syd said...

Thanks PG. The 2 events that stand out for me are those surrounding my parents death. I had such a drive to be there with them within hours of their sudden and unexpected death. I am convinced it was the hand of God directing me.

Lou said...

Your humbleness is an inspiration.

Andrew said...

Oh, I look forward to this thread! What a great beginning.