Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday 6/23/09 - "THIS AND THAT"

(Mountain Meadow)

(Mountain Scene)

(Mountain Sunset)

(9 'down' protected Duck Eggs)


Y'all will have to forgive me for arriving home, having every intention to blog last night, and then "wiping out" before I could get the first line written.

A little description of my choice of pictures. The first two were taken on Friday night when our gracious hostess in North Carolina took us to a high up a mountain ranch type restaurant. The pictures depict the scene from the lawn. The evening was beautiful and the meal was a cook-out served outdoors - ribs and chicken and all the fixings. The meadow, pond, and general view from our picnic table was breathtaking. A picture can only approximate the beauty I saw. I was in ecstasy - and I don't mean drugs - I mean my spirit was singing loudly.

The third picture was a scene from the porch where we stayed looking at the beauty of the sunset. As you can imagine, it was hard for me to say "good-bye" to all the nature that surrounded us the days we spent atop that mountain. God blessed me so much with this beautiful friend who opened her heart and home to us. I am truly grateful. The fruits of this life my Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon programs have given me are sweet indeed.

This morning I discovered Mrs. Duck had left her nest temporarily. While she was gone I got a shot of her treasure. There are 9 eggs being kept warm either by her body or the 'down' she has carefully arranged around them.

I think it may take me a few days to recuperate from all the traveling we have done. It's time for a nap. When I'm back up, I'll try to get to reading and commenting. I miss it.

Oh, and one more thing. I need your help - all you blogger friends. I believe in the power of your prayers. Please pray for my daughter. She lost her job last fall, has been looking since with no success at all. She has the possibility of a job interview for something that looks like it might suit her. It is a position as an executive secretary to a CEO of a marketing and design company. Please pray that God's will be done.

Thank you,
Prayer Girl


Cat said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers her way PG. Loved the pictures - now get some rest and see you soon.

Syd said...

Thanks for the photos. I like the downy nest of eggs. Mrs. Duck is really caring well for her eggs. Don't let Mr. Steve eat those ducklings though. I know he is thinking Peking Duck but these are Russian ducks, right?
I will pray for God's will to be done with your daughter.

Gin said...

Absolutely beautiful pics PG. I see them at I feel at peace and serene just imagining myself there. Get some rest and recuperate. We will be here when you wake up! I am thinking of your daughter. I know she will find something soon!

Mike Golch said...

great photos!

Zanejabbers said...

Glad you're home and all is right with your world.

Carol said...

God's will will always be done, he's a maniac (I'm quoting a post)that way. If she doesn't get this job it is so she can be available for something else.

Mama Zen said...

What a stunning sunset!

I'll keep your daughter in my prayers.

Akannie said...

Love and kisses, and prayers for your girl...

Glad you're home safe and sound!!


Shadow said...

your trip looks so so nice. and your daughter has my prayers...

Robin said...

Nice pics!
I will pray for your daughter. I hope she will get the job.

Andrew said...

Glad you are home and settling back in. And thanks for the pics, they are great!

Remembering your daughter in my prayer.


Lou said...

That is the best duck nest I've ever seen. I think it is a good omen for you and Steve-O-Hubby.

I will add your daughter to my prayers. Being out of work is scary, we just recently had a brush with that.

mile191 said...

Your daughter will sure be in my prayers...My sister just lost her job, and might lose home, health care, everything. it is so hard to find a new job. She is trying to make the best of it. long story. But I am sensitive to your need, and she will be in my prayers.

hugs, mile

Glimmer said...

Just found your blog (I think through Syd maybe?) and will be back. I did find "Divine Attention" and it really affected me. To the point I made notes! Thank you for writing.

Tall Karen said...

Welcome home! I am way behind and trying to catch up. The pictures are stunning. And to think that is their view everyday...sure beats the sights of a crowded freeway!

Hope the interview went well.