Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday 6/29/09 - "GRATITUDE TODAY"


It's been a while since I have posted a gratitude list. I am very grateful and this is why.

I am grateful for all the wildflowers I saw along the side of the highways and byways as we traveled to Illinois, North Carolina, West Virginia, and back to Florida. As I've described before, I am a very visual person and sights such as wildflowers on the road or in the meadows and mountains, fill my heart to overflowing. I see God in every petal.

I am grateful for the two sponsees I met with today. One I sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon and the other in Al-Anon. They are both such a joy to me. It is wonderful to be able to listen, to speak, and to connect with God together.

I am grateful for the lady in Al-Anon who is lonely, has lived a life of despair in the past and desires to move to a more positive place in her life who called me yesterday. I was sitting in church several hours after her call and she came and sat with me. Today she was at a meeting I attended, approached me with a hug to say hello, and told me what she felt when we were together was that I loved her. My response was immediate. I told her, "I do love you." I then added, "The God in me loves the God in you." It doesn't get much better than that.

I am grateful that my toe no longer hurts, only 'bothers' me at times. The black and blue or purple has faded and time will tell whether I will lose the nail.

I am grateful that my friend Elizabeth that I have blogged about and asked your prayers for has gotten some current results of her chemotherapy. Her liver tumors are shrinking. She had appearance of more blood and had a colonoscopy to see if that cancer had returned. Thank God it was negative for recurrence of tumors.

I am grateful that I am growing in my trust and faith in my God. I believe I have only begun to scratch the surface of what God can and will do in my life.

I am grateful for every opportunity God gives me to be of use to others.

I am grateful for my belief that my daughter will find a job soon.

I am grateful that the 4th of July is approaching and I am beginning that annual joyful anticipation of another AA anniversary - 24th coming up.

I am grateful for Mr. Steveroni and for each day God has blessed us with continued sobriety and life together.

I am grateful for the bloggers that I am getting to know through reading, commenting on, receiving comments from, and actually meeting some face to face.

I am grateful beyond description for God's mysteries being revealed to me. I am filled with delight and it leaves me feeling very humble.

I am grateful that God hears and cares about my prayers.

I am grateful to be,
Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: Wildflowers 101 by RevMac)


Steve E. said...

What beautiful flowers.

What a beautiful Gratitude List.

What a beautiful wife.

What a beautiful life.

Cindy said...

I'm grateful for a blog like yours. Thank you. Also, happy to hear the toe is on the mend!

Tall Karen said...

There is such a sense of peace about you. It's clearly evident. And not a single material thing. Very beautiful list.

Lou said...

I loved that "just scratched the surface." What a life of possibilities!

Just Be Real said...

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate God's awesome beauty. The picture of the wild flowers are so rich in color. To think that a God created these simple pleasures for us!

Apperciate your grad's list PG. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing!!

Shadow said...

...what a list. beautiful!

Andrew said...

A wonderful gratitude list!

Syd said...

Great list Anna. I am grateful that you are here posting with all your positive energy.

Gin said...

You always have such a way of making me feel calm and at peace when I read your blog. You have no idea how much I need that. Thank you.