Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thursday, 6/4/09 - "FINAL RETREAT THOUGHTS"

(Please permit a blong!)

A few more things I remember from the weekend retreat....

What I am seeking is already within me. I just haven't become aware of its presence yet. To become aware...slow down in the care of God - meditate - be in the moment.

The life of spirituality is always inviting us to change.

On becoming whole:
1. Dare to be different. Speak your truth.

2. Become a creator. What is your passion? Be creative. Honor it and allow it to be seen.

3. Forgiveness.
4. Trust yourself. Allow divine intuition. Trust genuine motives.
5. Accept reality.



The best moments in any experience I have are those when God reaches into my life and connects me to another in need of a "healing touch".

More often than not, I am not looking for these types of interactions anymore. However, I do try to maintain as constant a contact with God as I can allowing them to happen spontaneously. If my mind gets too involved, I can miss the urging or I can think my way out of acting on it when I hear that call.

The final morning of our retreat produced such a moment filling me with wonder, awe, joy, and love. Those desiring morning meditation met in the chapel early before breakfast. I was sitting in the second row of seats on the left side of the very small and intimate chapel. Ahead of me in the first row sat two girls, one a little to my left and one to my right. I had a few short conversations with one of them the day before, but I did not really know either of them.

Suddenly, that irresistible urge came into my mind, into my spirit, to reach out and place my hands on them. I resisted for a few moments, then reached out. Both girls quickly put one of their hands over my hand resting on their back and shoulder. We remained that way for several minutes. As the girl on the right and I left the chapel, she said to me, "You're a healer. I could feel it. Your hand was hot." I answered, "Yes, I am." I have become more comfortable responding to such statements as time has passed since the first time I experienced the "healing touch". I used to hem and haw and not really know what to say.

I don't know what God had in mind that morning, but I am sure He always has His purposes.
Later at breakfast the other girl came up to me to tell me she had been suffering with neck, shoulder and back pains all weekend, finding it hard to sit for long periods. She began to move her head and shoulders to show me and said, "Your hand was as hot as an oven and ever since you put it on me, my pains are lessened." She then asked if I would help with pain she still had in her hips. I immediately told her we should go outside and we sat on a bench where I could place my hands on her hips. We parted and later before we left she told me she had returned to her room, fell right to sleep and when she awoke her hips were better.

These kinds of events are always my deepest spiritual experiences. An extraordinary connection is always formed, even with strangers, at these moments of God's urging.

I remember always the following:

It is not about me.

God has His purposes.

Don't limit God.

Thank you God.

Thank you bloggers for reading such a long 'blong'.

Prayer Girl


Steve E. said...

PG, I KNOW about "irresistable" and "hot hands" and God's Healing thru peeps. And as St thomas said, I'd have to be given proof positive, to believe you or anyone who claimed the healing power. And it has been proven to ME!

But Babe--You DO! And it is SO interesting how humility rules your every action in that regard, I am constantly amazed, no, not about God's healing--about the humility (which you do not even recognize is present in you)....THAT'S what stands out in you, Prayer-Girl.

Zanejabbers said...

Thanks for a very uplifting post.

Just Be Real said...

An awesome post Prayer Girl to slow down in the Lord and be in His moment! Awesome.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

The spirit continues to be carried through your hands in your writing because I read this, got goosebumps (GODbumps) and my eyes are watery...

Yes, the spirit is carried through sharing the experience.

Thanks, this is a great way to begin my spiritual journey northward!

Lou said...

#1 and #4, I really relate to those.

Syd said...

Wonderful stuff PG. I believe that there are people, such as you, who have incredible senses that are a gift from God.

G-Man said...


Carol said...

I love how 'staying in the moment' makes it into every spiritual pathway. I'm glad you let your hands follow their urges!