Thursday, January 1, 2009



OUT with 2008
IN with 2009

OUT with fear
IN with faith and trust

OUT with worry
IN with hope

OUT with preoccupation with what you think of me
IN with seeing how I can be of service to others

OUT with sloth
IN with exercise

OUT with the illusion of control
IN with acceptance of my powerlessness

OUT with feeling overwhelmed by powerlessness
IN with prayer

OUT with excess
IN with moderation

OUT with fat, bad carbs, and too much sugar
IN with healthy eating habits

OUT with just thinking about what I want to do
IN with "doing it"

OUT with resistance to change
IN with embracing change

OUT with negativity
IN with God

OUT with loneliness
IN with reaching out to others

OUT with illness
IN with healing

OUT with ill will towards others
IN with love

OUT with judgment, censorship, and criticism of self and others
IN with compassion

OUT with EGO
IN with God's will

OUT with sleepless nights
IN with restful sleep

OUT with discord
IN with peace

OUT with old goals
IN with new ones

Happy New Year to all my blog friends,
Prayer Girl


Anonymous said...

And a Happy New Year to you, too, Prayer Girl.

Kathy Lynne said...

I will need to read this every day for the new year...thank you.

steveroni said...

Funny, how the IN and the OUT doors are almost always side-by-side...close together. Hmmmmm?

Good job, PrayerGirl!

big Jenn said...

Lovin' this list! Happy New Year! jeNN

Cat said...

Happy New Year PG!!!

Zanejabbers said...

There is a hamburger chain in Southern California named
In & Out Burgers Pretty damned good. But not to compare with your In and Out list. NOW that's the ticket. Thanx.

J-Online said...

Great list. I'm loving it! Stopping by to wish you a healthy, happy, fun and sober 2009! I'm blessed to have met you! Hugs, Jenn

Findon said...

In with faith and trust. Thats the way. Happy new 2009

Shadow said...

wow, brilliant thoughts, words, meanings, thank you!

Laura said...

That's a great list and a good spring board into 2009! Happy New Year!

(have you noticed our blogs are nearly identical. I think this happened with us before. We must be soul sisters!)

Syd said...

Good stuff PG. Here's to a great year .

Atiyanna said...


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

This is an awesome beginning to the new year!