Friday, January 30, 2009

Saturday, 1/31/09 - "SPIRITUALITY"

(May God bless you as you read.)


Recently I was asked about a passage from the reader, "Hope for Today". This is the book used as the basis for discussion at my Al-Anon home group. The passage came from January 26, 2nd paragraph:

"...there is a spiritual reason for everything.."

A sponsee asked me what I thought about this statement and what did it mean? My immediate reaction was to say, "Yes, I believe that. Of course, absolutely." Thinking about this further, it is a very profound statement and I believe it entirely. Then she asked me to explain it to her. That was more difficult.

I hesitated, thought, and began by saying that as I look over my life, I can see that a loving God has always been in the background or the foreground of all that has happened to me. Whether good or bad things happened, they all led me to a deepened faith and trust in God, a more vital spiritual connection. It was the 12 steps of my Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon programs that brought me to this spiritual awakening and to this particular place in my life.

This lady I was sitting with and discussing this with was experiencing pain from a small growth on her hand and she was about to go to work. I took her finger into my hand and just held it. I had not told her yet how God had blessed me with the gift of a healing touch. She commented that she felt the energy as I held her hand so I told her what happened on that Saturday in December '06. (I explained this in a blog several weeks ago.)

After I returned home I thought further about "...there is a spiritual reason for everything...". Having experienced a totally spiritual phenomena in interactions with others, God using my hands to heal others physically, mentally, or emotionally, stands as a proof to me that "all" is spiritual in nature. This has been a life-changing experience. I feel a responsibility to share this gift with others as I feel led to, either by touching them or by telling them about it.

May God bless you as you read.

Prayer Girl


Syd said...

I believe that there is spirituality within each of us. And that spirituality means different things to different people and manifests differently because of that. Those who are aware can see that there is a spiritual reason for things. Those that are unaware may not. It's the awareness of spirituality that is the key IMO.

steveroni said...

To me, there is God within each of us...something like Big Book, p 55, is (mis)-quoted here: The great Reality is deep down within us. And later: ...for, in the final analysis, it is ONLY there He may be found.

Also I believe spirituality is EVERYWHERE, all the animals, plant life, all the spacial spheres, all the universes--in the heavens, or in a grain of sand on the beach.
Steve E.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that today I can see that God has always been there. I pray that someday I will be aware enough to realize what my gift/purpose is in this life that He needs me to do, like you. Until that day comes, I will continue to do what is in front me of and follow His will to the best of my ability. Great post, thanks PG!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is an incredibly powerful post and I think that it's amazing the way you were so thoughtful and loving toward your sponsee and her question. This is an amazing post!

Tigger :) said...

What a great post! ♥ Hugs!

clean and crazy said...

I was at a speaker meeting last night where the speaker shared her experience on how "God"(we all have our own understanding of that)had worked in her life before the program. I am very aware of my higher power today and very aware of people, like you who are gifted with a great aura of spirituality. Before the program it was all coincidence and kooky. The part I heard last night that I liked was she was sharing about a time where she had gotten in trouble and then blurted out "GO GOD" it was funny but true and the humor she used to capture those little miracles of an HP really helped the newcomers understand. You know like your sponsee who had questions about the "Spiritual reason". So very cool post.

mile191 said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for writing it and sharing with us. I needed to read your blog today. and find some peace, and hope, and spirituality. i need help. and you are here. thanks. mile 191