Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday 1/16/09 - "I REMEMBER WHEN"

I remember when I used to stand in the snow as silent flakes fell softly to surround me.


It's so easy to recall the negatives of the past, but I'm choosing to "remember whens" that are positive, healing, and fill my soul with a feeling of warmth and love.

"I remember when" I used to stand in the snow as silent flakes fell softly to surround me. It would be early morning, waking up, seeing the falling snow creating a fresh cover over everything. I would be bundled up by my mother into my snow pants, jacket, gloves, earmuffs, and hat. I would step outside into that wonderful world of white, all alone as the flakes fell around me. I would wander through this magical downfall to the corner house at the end of the block where there was a gigantic evergreen in the yard. I would crawl underneath the snow-laden boughs into a secret place of my very own - a quiet hiding place in a quiet world of snow.

"I remember when" I was as flexible as a human pretzel. That's the way my dance teacher described me. I loved dance all the years of my childhood. I loved my teacher, Mary Lou, a wonderful teacher, warm and loving person, and terrific role model. She took such an interest in all of her students and I felt that special attention she placed on me. She had been a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. That was a dream of mine for years to be a Rockette like her, but it never materialized.

"I remember when" we had ink wells in grade school and when our Parker ink pens went dry, we would go to the inkwell to fill them. In a daring move, I and my friends would often use that opportunity to exchange forbidden communications. We would slip tightly folded notes under the blotter the ink well rested on. We were never caught though I'm sure the teacher had to know this was happening.

"I remember when" I "won" my first puppy. Never had a small child ever felt so big, so special. I was with my family at my father's annual company picnic. This was 1950. There were lots of people there, plenty of them children and they had a drawing for an adorable little black and white Cocker mix puppy. I fell in love with that little fluffy dog the first time I saw her and when my name was drawn and read, I almost died with delight. Years later I found out it had been prearranged with and approved by my parents for me to win. That did not diminish my happiness in the least. What a wonderful surprise gift my parents gave me. What a loving act.

"I remember when" I was not yet "Prayer Girl".
And now I can "remember that" I am.....Prayer Girl.

(Photo Credit: Catching Snow Flakes by Nicholas Fresch)


Colleen said...

Beautiful post. It has always been difficult for me to remember the good things of my childhood. But I have been doing better lately. Your memories in this post seem so warm and healing.

Zanejabbers said...

Positive memories warm the soul.

Shadow said...

aaah, you have such nice 'remember when's'. and i'm glad you are... prayer girl!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love remember whens now! I remember the right stuff!

Cat said...

I love the puppy memorie how wonderful.

I am working on remembering the good from the past today.


big Jenn said...

Lovely memories. jeNN

mile191 said...

beautiful post.. wow. thanks for sharing. i think i will do an I remember when someday. hmmmmmm

love and safe hugs ♥ --hope