Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday, 1/23/09 - "THANK YOU FOR THE LEMONADE!

(I'm beginning to come up out of "hunkering down")


My dear friends Shadow, Tyra, and MaryLA have all graciously awarded me the lemonade award. It is all about finding people that display a great attitude and/or gratitude in this day and time. That is very important to have.

Thank you very much Shadow, Tyra, and Louisey, your attitudes and gratitude have lifted me time and again.
I have been unable to concentrate or focus enough to write a blog, but I'm feeling a little better and am awake at 1:00 a.m. (At least I got two hours sleep before I found myself awake again. That's a good thing.) When I'm done with this short post, I'll try for a few more hours of "good" sleep.

As I look backward, I find myself wondering how in the world did I manage to get done all that I did when I was still working? As I read a lot of your blogs, I hear lots of you doing so much - work, kids, a home to keep up, cooking, getting sober, staying sober, meetings, getting sick, running, working out, kids getting sick - just so much - plates overflowing. And still you find time to blog and comment. AMAZING!

My hat is off to all of you. I'm pretty busy these days, but it is nothing like the way it was. I know when I was still working I would have been going to work - cold or no cold. Don't know how I did it!

I'll close with a quote.
"Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

Prayer Girl

P.S. I thank everyone for their kind comments wishing me well and prayers to feel better soon. They help.


♥Shann♥ said...

I hope you are feeling better and found some restful sleep!

Blogging brings me joy, and sometimes irritation lol... but I do enjoy it and squeeze it in through out my day on work breaks, lunches before bed etc.. lol

Happy Friday

Cat said...

Oh Congrats on the award PG! I do hope you are starting to feel a bit better - the weekend is here!


Akannie said...

Feeling better, cupcake??

Hope so. At my age, the sleep thing is an imperative to my mental health. lol

Sending you warm wishes and good thoughts!

steveroni said...

Ya, feel better QUICK. I need some soup, etc.,etc. Dontcha just LOVE those husbands who, when wife is sick, expect her to still live that "normal" (ha!) life. Yet when we guys sneeze once, we're needing hand-and-foot services.
Steve E.

Akannie said...

Oh yeah...we KNOW how you are...


Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a great post and so well deserved. I thank you so much for what you give us and share with us...

Hugs and hope you are feeling better.