Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday 1/11/09 - What's On My Heart Tonight?


My husband is on my heart.
My husband is always on my heart. God worked a miracle when He managed to bring us together. I am always mindful that our relationship is God-given and God-blessed. A dear friend of mine told me something that applies whenever someone (anyone) is saying or doing something I don't like or would like to change. She said to repeat, "Bless him/her, change me." I love this thought.

My children are on my heart tonight.

My son is on my heart.
I'm 20 rows into a kitted pillow covering for my daughter-in-law-to-be. I decided on a different pattern from the one I did for my mother many years ago. I found a pattern on-line and went and bought the yarn yesterday. I have not done a project like this for a long time. I find it motivating and fulfilling to work on. I just want to please her and I know that will please my son. I pray for him and his fiance.

My daughter is on my heart.

My daughter is still unemployed. Her unemployment is weighing heavy on her heart which pulls down on mine. She is becoming dispirited. We talked on the phone for quite a while. She is thinking of getting a dog. We always had dogs as she was growing up, but she has been without a pet since she left for college and is now on her own. We also discussed having meaningful activity. We talked about the possibility of her volunteering so she can feel she is doing something of value even as she is looking for employment. We agreed that being without a routine is not good and establishing some regular activities may help her. I pray for her. I pray for the man she loves.

My sponsees are on my heart.
Each individual that God has brought into my life is precious to me. What a blessing it is to me to be speaking with them and working steps with them using the Alcoholics Anonymous program in some instances and the Al-anon program in others. In some cases, it is very slow going, but I know God is in charge and patience, honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness will ultimately take us where we need to go.

God is on my heart.
The best prayer and meditation for me is often just being still in the presence of God. Sometimes, I just tell myself to turn off my thoughts with the exception of thinking, "I'll just sit here in the presence of God. I'll just let God pour into me." This fills my heart with joy and satisfaction.

My blogging companions are on my heart.
Those of you that I have met in this blog world have revealed yourselves to me in your blogs. I honor each of you and value what you share. I thank you for your honesty and I appreciate the time involved in your sharing.

Prayer is on my heart.
I'm praying!
Prayer Girl


steveroni said...

You're praying? Prayer-Girl praying? Now THAT is a surprise, yes? NO!
Steve E,

Anonymous said...

I think it is so cute that you guys leave comments on each other blogs! Prayer Girl, you were on my heart today while I played in the snow.

mile191 said...

This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. You are on and in my heart tonight. Thanks for everything. and It is EVERYTHING that you pray and think of me. Thank you so much.

Shadow said...

you have a generous heart, you do! what sticks with me.... "bless him/her, change me" i'm gonna take that with me if you don't mind.

Mary LA said...

Love it --


big Jenn said...

Appreciate you too.jeNN

Colleen said...

Great post. Really speaks to me. I love what you wrote about - Bless him/her - change me. I need to remember that! Blessings!

Laura said...

Beautiful God pleasing sentiments from a beautiful God-filled heart. :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to say! Thank you

Syd said...

Wonderful stuff. So glad that you wrote this. You have a heart full of gratitude and love.