Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday, 1/9/09 - Moving Out of the Darkness, Back into the Light!

(These babies are made of cake frosting - marzipan. A very talented lady made them. They are unbelievable! Every detail is amazing - they look VERY real. Marzipan is Almond paste: a sweet paste made of ground almonds and sugar, often with egg whites or yolks, used as a layer in cakes or molded into ornamental shapes.)


  • Yesterday I looked up the recipe for the Olive Garden's "Zuppa Toscana" that both hubby and I love. This morning I spent 2 hours making it. There was no guarantee it would turn out as tasty as the restaurant version. (The comments on the web site where I found the recipe promised it would be even better.) It exceeded our expectations . We sampled it for lunch and had it again for dinner. Cooking can be a creative endeavor, a healing activity. For me, today, it was just that!
  • I received many encouragements through the comments on my blog. I hate admitting I might "need" this encouragement, but the truth is - I do! I still harbor a remnant of the belief that I can be totally self-sufficient. It is a lie I tell myself sometimes. It never turns out well.
  • I am having e-mail correspondence with a blogger that is very rewarding. Our communication has reminded me of the mysteries of God in our lives.
  • In December I responded to a J-Online blog in the affirmative and as a result she sent me a wonderful gift. I went to open the front door yesterday to let the cool air in and there at the door was the package. It contained some of the most beautiful gifts - an angel that will join my angel family on my desk, a beautiful cross, a bracelet that is just like one I have wanted, writing paper, a journal, and all packed in an original decorated box that is now my "GOD BOX". It doesn't get much better than this!!!
  • I went to work out at the gym for the 2nd time this week. It is too easy to get out of the habit. While there, I spoke with a woman I'm hoping to have as a personal trainer. My "insides" tell me she's the one even though her schedule is very full. I believe it will work out.
  • A sponsee that I've been concerned about - who has not been calling regularly (she was on my mind yesterday and again today) finally called me. I was relieved to hear from her.
  • The weather is a little cooler today, high 72 rather than 80. I am delighting in the crispness of the air. Great weather for cycling.
  • I have just had the idea to try making a wedding gift for my daughter-in-law-to-be. I knitted a pillow covering with an intricate pattern on it 40 years ago for my mother. My parents are gone now, but that pillow sits on my sofa. I still have the pattern. I'm going to get the pattern book, my needles, and yarns out and see what I can come up with. I love starting projects. Finishing them is sometimes another matter, but we'll see... :)
Prayer Girl


J-Online said...

What a wonderful gift for your future daughter in law. I'm impresssed.

thanks for your sweet note. I'm glad you like the little care package I sent.

Take care prayer girl. You've inspired me to do some cooking!

J-Online said...

Your making me hungry. That sounds delicious. You've inspired me to cook something tomorrow.

Glad you liked your little care package!!!

Hugs, Jenn

steveroni said...

ANOTHER started project??? (Just kidding!)

Hey I'll publish those angel photos on my blog one day soon, especially the one from Jenn--online. It's a beauty, in fact her whole boxful of stuff--AND the box--were really neat-o stuff.

And I DO have a picture of the Zuppa Toscana...Ummmmmmm.
Steve E.

Hope said...

That picture of the baby in the egg speaks to me. I think there is part of us that is forever being born anew if we are open to it.

pat said...

i love the picture. How creative.

Shadow said...

all the little pieces that make up the wonderful person called prayer girl!

oh, and i genuinely love cooking. i find it creative and relaxing...

~Tyra~ said...

Sounds like you've had a good week.

Faith said...


Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a great post, I love that I'm not alone with the comments too they are so inspiring to me and I love the idea of the email relationship too...that's great...

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

I feel the inspiration as well. Sounds like you are having a positive week, oh, that's right you are a positive person! THanks Prayer Girl.