Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thursday, 8/6/09 - "THOUGHTS I LIKE"

(Joyfully reaching for the stars!)


"Character - the willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life - is the source from which self-respect springs. - Joan Didion

Today is the tomorrow I worried so much about yesterday and 'all is well'.
(Heard in a meeting today.)

Practice being satisfied.
(Said often by a long time sober woman in Alcoholics Anonymous who passed away years ago.)

May the pain of today be transformed into the joy of tomorrow.
(I wrote this on the flap of a book I gave my daughter recently.)

Things I'm grateful for:

Attending a wonderful Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with sober daughter, her boyfriend, hubby, and me this evening.

That the topic at the AA meeting was powerlessness and to hear person after person share about their powerlessness and the power they found through a spiritual connection with God.

A fantastic dinner after the meeting at Longhorn where all were happy, relaxed, and joyful that the gathering was a time of blessing and sobriety.

I am grateful for the fabulous filet mignon I ordered that was cooked to perfection and tasted heavenly.

The beauty of new life possible through the programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon.

That I can joyfully reach to the stars with my mind and spirit.

An all-loving God who I "know" is guiding me and those I love.

My blogging friends.

The many prayers I know are being said for me and those I love.

A good night's sleep.

Prayer Girl


Mike Golch said...

reat posting,I hope that you have a reaceful night's rest.

Cindy said...

Practice being satisfied, I like that.
What a great family time at AA. Nice!
Today our 1st cousin went to her first AA meeting. My sister took her and I helped (cousin is in wheelchair), thank you GOD!

Carol said...

Wonderful. Longhorn really does a great job. My shallow comment is nonetheless true.

Kay said...

A good nights sleep followed by...a nother blessed day.

Paula said...

Whilst I read your blog, you hopefully get some rest. It is about 4am on your side of the pond. THanks for your recent comment and I can tell you I miss the Gulf of Mexico very much so. You day and eve sounds very inspiring and peaceful. Mill of hugs to you. Keep you in my thoughts

Shadow said...

i LOVE this one... "Today is the tomorrow I worried so much about yesterday and 'all is well"

Madison said...

It sounds like the transformation taking place in your family is the answer to prayer. Powerless is such a powerful way to live. Hope your tomorrows are as blessed as today.

Just Be Real said...

"Today is the tomorrow I worried so much about yesterday and 'all is well." - Good phrase, I like that one PG.

Thank you for sharing your grateful list!

This is the second time this week I heard the resturant Longhorn's mentioned. I have never been to that place. I guess this is a sign.

Blessings dear one! (((PG)))

Gin said...

And we are all thankful for you PG. Extremely grateful.

Lou said...

What a difference a day makes..and a solid nights sleep also!

Syd said...

You sound contented too. I like the quotes that you shared. And the Heard in a Meeting one is definitely worth remembering. Thanks!

Tall Karen said...

Today I am really practicing being satisfied. Grateful for more than enough. Thank you PG. You're in my prayers.