Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday 8/23/09 - "BITS OF BLUE"

Baby Blues *

Blue moon - I love blue cheese

Blue - spirituality, mysticism

Am I a little Blue? In a Blue mood?

Alone in the mysterious "blueness"

Blue is Beautiful - all it's Brilliant shades and hues

Prayer Girl

(*Photo credit: Baby Blue Eyes Portrait Painting by William Everly,


Just Be Real said...

Beautiful blues, thank you!

Tall Kay said...

I hope the blues aren't a reflection of your mood today. Things must be a little hectic with the packing and all today. Too bad you're not going too.

The pics are really beautiful.

wolfie185 said...

Beautiful images!! The old violinist will be fine on his roadtrip, he is on a scooter not a knuckle head Harley, so he won't be doing 90mph on a vibrating death machine, although I love vibrating death machines, he has the bells to keep the demons away and God and the prayers of his Peeps are watching over him as well.
Thanks for sharing!!
Peace Love and Light

Kay said...

I love blue and you have captured it so wonderfully! Beautiful!

Kay said...

P.S. if feeling blue is anything like the above pics, I want to be blue too! :)

Carol said...

It's a primary color.

Paula said...

Stunning pictures and very emotional to me too. Hugs to you

Syd said...

You and Pam have this blue thing going. I guess that I'm more of a green person myself.

Anonymous said...

I love the color blue -great post!