Friday, August 7, 2009

Saturday 8/8/09 - "A BLOGGER'S PRAYER"


Dear Bloggers,

I read many blogs daily and in them I hear truth and honesty, joy and happiness, and often despair, pain, fear, and anguish.

I am offering this "Blogger's Prayer" for the many needs I see as I read.


I'm praying for those experiencing debilitating pain. Please strengthen them, give them courage, and increase their faith that their pain will be lessened, treated effectively, healed.

I pray for those with challenging health problems. Please guide them to health.

For those living with loved ones who are using and abusing alcohol or drugs and whose homes are in chaos and conflict, I pray for moments of serenity and peace in the midst of turmoil. I pray that the loving arms of their Higher Power will hold them up when they feel they're falling down.

I pray for those who have been victims of childhood abuse and neglect. May God guide their search for wholeness in a personal world that was broken early on through no fault of their own. May God bless those whose innocence was stolen and vulnerability exploited. I pray that love and light may fill their lives as they journey to soundness of mind and spirit.

I pray for those who are victims of adult abuse. May they find the strength and courage to reach out for help and may God provide people and situations to support them. May they open their hearts and minds, and allow those who wish to help, do so.

May those who have been betrayed by people they trusted find the love of God. May that love guide them to experiences and people that will allow them to trust again.

For those who struggle to achieve and maintain sobriety, I pray they find acceptance of their powerlessness, surrender to a Higher Power, and find the willingness to follow God's will.

I pray for those who are alone, lonely, isolated, not understood, feeling alienated from life and from other people that God will lead them to other people they can identify with who will in turn lead them to the love of God.


Prayer Girl


vicariousrising said...

You have a beautiful heart.

Findon said...

Lovely prayer PG. Only thin is now I'm trying to work out which one I am!!!!

Just Be Real said...

PG thank you for offering this prayer for everyone. You are so very compassionate. Appreciate you very much! Blessings and (((PG)))

Lou said...

Thank you for your prayers, PG.

I will take them from anyone, at anytime, and anywhere!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Madison said...


Akannie said...

How blessed are we to have you in our lives?
Thanks for the prayers, darling girl...

Kay said...


Cindy said...

Thank you. It's good to know I'm not alone.

Andrew said...

Thank you Anna. I see myself in some of your prayers.

Tall Karen said...

This is so powerful. I know someone in every single category and got to picture them and pray. You are 'our' Prayer Girl...we are blessed. Amen.

Paula said...

Thanks for your compassion and your loving heart. Hugs xx